Moustache Café
By Philippine de Tinguy

For the Love of Coffee

Maude Pinard is a jack of all trades. Yet nothing truly prepared this small redhead in her mid-twenties for opening Moustache Café. The spot draws an eclectic crowd of students and locals who mingle together and call Maude by name; who stop by in search of a dose of comfort.

Maude's cafe and juice bar is located at 35 Beaubien Street East, adjacent to her husband Paul´s company. When it first became available, investing in the site was obvious. “What's funny is that I didn't even have a business plan!” Maude says.

If Moustache has found its purpose today, it's not only because the stars are aligned. The shop is centred around coffee, a subject the young owner has mastered through and through.

Without a definite plan beyond the desire to offer a cozy and supporting nest in the Rosemont-La Petitie-Patrie district, Maude undertook the adventure of running a business. It began with the name, which is a tribute to the glorious moustache that Maude's Dad has always sported: “At first it was a running gag in the family, and then we saw all the cool stuff you could do with it.”

The juices are what allow us to differentiate ourselves. As I'm a vegetarian, and very nature conscious, we also offer gluten-free vegan muffins and pastries concocted by Mamie Clafoutis, but also by my sister! - Maude Pinard, owner
Moustache Café

Head Full of Ideas

Mustaches are everywhere – in the window, here and there among the decor, and even on the business cards. They're also featured on a poster with the image of Movember: “If you have a mustache, you get a latte for half price.... We'll contribute the other half to cancer,” explains Maude.

Also featured on the business cards is one of the famous yellow chairs that adorn the long central wooden table at Moustache. Just two months before the cafe opened its doors in late June of 2013, Maude, her sister Amélie, and Paul worked hard to give it a soul. Though they began with almost nothing, “I pinterest my life, so I'm full of ideas!” says Maud.

That's what led Maude to offer visibility to artists in the neighbourhood who want to become known, something she does completely for free. “Every three months I let them take over one of the walls that's provided for this purpose,” she explains. “In addition to giving them a hand to sell their work, it livens up the decor.”

Nothing is set in stone in Maude's life, as is evidenced by the excellent offering of healthy juice and smoothies, which were added to the menu after she discovered an unpretentious little place of the same style during a getaway to New York.

Moustache Café

A Nutritious Concept

After a month of tests to find the most nutritious (and tasty!) recipes, the concept for Moustache was born. “The juices are what allow us to differentiate ourselves. As I'm a vegetarian, and a little grano, we also offer gluten-free vegan muffins, as well as pastries concocted by Mamie Clafoutis, but also by my sister!” Maude says.

Mustache Café is clearly a family affair. Even Jays, Maude and Paul's somewhat clumsy Labernese, has its place in the small Beaubien Street East café. “It's not uncommon to be called in the morning to ask if Jays is there,” Maude says. “He's part of the furniture and is loved by all, even when he snores too loud or disconnects laptop cords in his path!”

Behind the counter stocked with sweets, visitor's will meet Maude's sidekicks. “We form a small, tightly knit team. Our motto is simplicity!” she says.

Moustache Café
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