Régine Café
By David Kynan

Brunch Traditions with a Modern Twist

Where can you get breakfast or brunch, just like your favourite aunt would make? There really is such a place, and it's called Régine Café.

Pierre-Luc Chevalier was a man full of ideas. At the restaurant he opened on Mount-Royal Street, he noticed something that piqued his curiosity: while breakfast, lunch and dinner were on the menu, it was the brunch that really drew crowds. That got his creative juices flowing, and soon a whole new concept was in the works.

On a visit to London, British tearooms and brunch spots struck a chord with him, and soon he was churning out recipes and decor plans. He found a quiet stretch of Beaubien Street in Montreal's Rosemont Petite Patrie and knew that this was the perfect spot to bring his idea to life.

When November of 2012 rolled around, Régine Café opened for business, the result of over a year’s worth of dreaming, planning and hard work. While he expected a gradual launch, Régine Café's opening was nothing but. Before a single client had stepped inside, expectant patrons were lining up out front. When La Presse published a review of the spot just a month later, the crowds grew instantly. Now it's a lively spot at any time of day nearly every day of the week. If you want a spot on a weekday, call to reserve or be prepared to wait in line.

Aunt Régine is an imaginary persona inspired by the ideal of a loving doting aunt who always embraces you with open arms and never lets you leave with an empty stomach. - Pierre-Luc Chevalier, owner

Meet Dear Aunt Régine

When you step through the door at Régine Café, it takes only seconds to notice why this place gets such rave reviews. It's warm and welcoming, just like visiting your favourite aunt's house. In fact, that's the concept when it comes to the decor and the menu.

“Aunt Régine is an imaginary persona inspired by the ideal of a loving, doting aunt who always embraces you with open arms and never lets you leave with an empty stomach,” explains Pierre-Luc. And indeed, people come here to indulge just like they would at their favourite aunt's house.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of a comfortable home, with its velvet benches, 60’s armchairs and Victorian decor, such as plates on the wall that belonged to Pierre-Luc’s grandmother. The menu is filled with home cooked dishes that will remind you of the good ol' days. And when it comes to the service, you’d think the staff was trained by Aunt Régine herself. In fact, Pierre-Luc has trained them all with one overarching principle; “Ask yourself, ‘what would my dear favourite aunt do?’” That means they're impressively attentive, generous and take pleasure in spoiling each and every guest.

Régine Café - Breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee
Régine Café - Breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee

Let Yourself Indulge

When you peruse the menu at Régine Café, you’ll see that patrons come here for one reason: to indulge. Aunt Régine makes sure you’re well fed with sweet and savoury dishes that dozens of Montreal food bloggers and media outlets have stopped by to sample the goodies and publisher their exercises online.

Showcased each day from early in the morning to 3pm are traditional British brunch favourites with a modern twist. Popular is the Champi - poached eggs, rustic bread, and a rare and delectable variety of cheese called Le 1608, served along with mushrooms and sage. Add a Scotch egg for the Régine Café signature brunch experience. The lunch choices are just as exquisite.

Come here and you’ll have but one problem: everything is so delicious you’ll want to come back again and again to sample each item on the menu.

Régine Café - Breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee
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