Rejuice Entreprise A
By Dorothy Skutezky

Rejuice, Rejoice and Repeat!

Joanna Barcessat, owner and founder of Rejuice Nutrition, was first introduced to juicing while working as a personal trainer and attending naturopathy school. “The clarity I experienced when I started to feel the effects of juicing convinced me of the great need to share the benefits,” she recalls. Juicing has immediate, all-round effects: it offers a delicious and adventurous way to nourish and regularly detox the system.

It was not long before Joanna began a home delivery service for cold-pressed juices. She then went on to open two juice bars, one in TMR, and one in Westmount so she could also offer fresh-pressed juices.

The Rejuice bars offer a complete juice menu and services. You can order fresh-pressed juices and pick up a bottled cold-pressed juice to go, along with vegan snacks and tasty, healthy vegan meals made by collaborator Chef Veganessa. You can also try one of Joanna’s one- to five-day alkaline cleanse packages, with delivery available upon request.

I sell everything I believe in. - Joanna Barcessat, owner

Let Juice Be thy Medicine

Joanna no longer practices as a naturopath as Rejuice keeps her wholly occupied. Lively and engaged with her clientele, who hang around to discuss and consult with her, Joanna is like nature’s barmaid. Joanna elaborates on juicing’s rejuvenating effects: “You could never consume the equivalent volume of fresh fruit and vegetables in a meal as you can in a 20-oz juice, which requires much less energy to digest.” Rejuice contains up to 6 lbs of fruits and vegetables per serving.

As a powerful part of a plant-based alkalizing diet, juicing can prevent diseases that many North Americans suffer from. Joanna explains that “The typical North American lifestyle and diet is excessive in animal protein, dairy, coffee, soda, alcohol, sugar, which all create acid in the body, and that can leads to problems.” Juicing reverses acid build-up.

Montreal is a little behind other cities on the juicing train. “I think that if I had to say why,” begins Joanna, reflecting, “it is because of our climate. People go for heavy, hot meals in the winter. Hot is fine, but the meal should be rich in nutrients too. There are fresh juice recipes that are ideal for winter, and will heat you from the inside, and make you happy.” Rejuice also serves coffee, and delicious Matcha lattes.

Fresh Juice for Everyone!

Rejuice staff are prepared to guide their customers into a colourful, euphoric, liquid universe, especially those who are a bit wary about fruits and vegetables in general.

Often, people start a juice cleanse without realizing that they will end up making it a part of their permanent lifestyle because “you just feel so good, it allows you to protect your health, by balancing the pure choices, with a sprinkling of your favourite vices,” adds Joanna.

Joanna explains her philosophy of sticking to the 80/20 rule in her life: “I love getting out of bed to my single, morning coffee, it’s a ritual I don’t want to give up. What also fits into the 20% is the margin I leave for social events…and some vices,” explains Joanna.

To top it off, customers feel even better because “Rejuice plastic juice cups are compostable.” Joanna even keeps a composter by the door and the plastic bottles are recycled. From its tantalizing menu to its environmental philosophy, Rejuice Nutrition provides a great solution for those looking to boost their health.

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