Restaurant Le St-Urbain
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Finally, a Neighbourhood Restaurant

When the St-Urbain opened on Fleury Street West in 2008, there wasn't much in the neighbourhood: a delicatessen, a small pastry shop and a shoe shop. After St-Urbain came to the neighbourhood, other businesses bloomed like buds in spring.

Chef Adam Ganten didn't know the neighbourhood but trusted his friends. "Marc-André, Annick and Chantal, who grew up in this neighbourhood, wanted to make their contribution," says Adam. "There was a lack of good restaurants in the area, so we came to settle here. Customers appreciate us greatly and our arrival in the neighbourhood encouraged a lot of other business owners to set up here."

At first, most of the visitors were locals, but then the restaurant's presence spread through word of mouth, bringing in more and more visitors. The restaurant's good reputation is no doubt helped by Marc-André's television appearances and a healthy dose of published articles featuring Restaurant Le St-Urbain. This upscale bistro is the pride of Ahuntsic, and of those who enjoy happiness and good cheer come from all corners of the city to savour it.

There was a lack of good restaurants in the area, so we came to settle here. - Adam Ganten, Chef
Chef Adam Ganten

Wines, Grapes, Oh My!

St-Urbain also runs events held several times a year to present specialty products provided by wine makers. A tasting menu is designed around the wines and a grape producer is invited to the restaurant to talk to customers about their products. Those wishing to attend should check out St-Urbain's website for the dates of these popular events that take place three or four times a year.

Another specialty of St-Urbain is its use of fresh-from-the-market foods. In the summer, diners can enjoy food harvested that morning from gardens cultivated by the owners. "We are entering the third year of the project, which is to grow fresh food on land leased in the Lachute region," says Adam. "In the summer, the cooks and I go about once a week to our land to harvest our vegetables."

For freshness and great discoveries, you can’t go wrong at this restaurant on Fleury Ouest.

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