Salon Robert Allicock Montréal
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Star Quality

Salon Robert Allicock is situated on a tiny one-lane avenue in Côte-des-Neiges where it has been serving customers since opening in 1995. You could pass by the shop and mistake it for an ordinary barber shop, but hold on a minute, it isn’t! It’s in the major league of hair salons in the black hair industry. The man behind the salon’s excellence is Robert Allicock.

“It’s a small space salon, but the name is out there,” he says. “It’s known.”

He has made his renown through a commitment to quality, a genuine love for hair styling, and an interest in the people (and celebrities) he coifs.

“People come from many countries and they find us,” he says, referring to his three-member team, all certified hair stylists. He opened his hair salon straight out of cosmetology studies at Inter-Dec College in Montreal.

“I’ve always loved hairdressing,” he recalls. “I graduated fresh out of school and decided I wanted to open a salon.”

And it seems things were meant to be, because within a few short years of opening his salon, Robert won several SIFA Hair Awards, the industry’s equivalent of a Grammy, including International Stylist of the Year and Canadian Super Curly Hairstylist of the Year.

That certainly set the stage for Robert’s future assignments working on the set of Hollywood movies like The Bone Collector and Abandon, where he styled Queen Latifah, Anthony Anderson, Kerry Washington and singer Monica to drop a few names.

“I dreamed of it, but when it came to me, I was like, dreams are possible,” says Robert.

I dreamed of it, but when it came to me, I was like, dreams are possible. - Robert Allicock, owner
Salon Robert Allicock - Hair salon, Relaxer, Hairstylist

Black Hair Beauty Treatments

Robert wouldn’t want to be doing anything else, and he values his independence in his line of work. He pours his energy and attention into his customers and their needs, bringing improved technology and approaches forward to keep up with the highest standard.

“You can only be competitive by the quality of the service you offer,” he points out, adding that success has much to do with giving exceptional customer service on a daily basis. Listening to customers and fulfilling their needs is what it’s all about.

The service itself is top-notch. His salon specializes in relaxers, colours and cuts. Other services include arrangements, perms, texturizing, streaks and extensions. “We can relax any type of hair,” promises Robert, who uses natural and ethnic hair care products as much as possible, including Avalon’s organic line. Paraben, sodium and lauryl sulfate are not welcome here. “We try to use products without these ingredients,” he says.

Salon Robert Allicock - Hair salon, Relaxer, Hairstylist

Working Class Glamourous

The salon is accessible to the working class budget and charges what that market can afford. Robert makes an effort to attend as many trade shows as he can to find the best deals. “It’s a university area so we have to keep that in mind,” says Robert. “We can’t go over the top.”

Thanks to the affordable prices, men, women, brides, grooms, students and children have all walked out with a smile. “I find joy in making people look and feel beautiful,” he says.

This attitude has made a serious impact through word of mouth. The salon has loyal clients based in Ottawa and Quebec City who come into town specifically for the same hairstyle credits that have gone to actresses like Gabrielle Union. The secret’s out, so spread the word.

Salon Robert Allicock - Hair salon, Relaxer, Hairstylist
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