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By Josianne, Par Josianne

Avant-Garde Treatments

What is so special about the floatation baths? They are sensory isolation capsules where one finds 2,000 cups of water for 2,000 cups of Epsom salt, rich in magnesium and recognized for easing muscle tension. The body floats effortlessly in the water, which is carefully maintained at body temperature. Together, these conditions allow unparalleled relaxation — it has even been said that a floatation bath session is equivalent to a minimum of three hours of sleep and helps to completely eliminate the effects of time zone differences and jet lag.

In addition to the baths, Spa Ovarium offers complementary treatments that help fight stress and deepen one's state of well-being through synergistic effects. Thus, massage therapy is offered here, which, combined with the bath, offers a very comprehensive experience. One can also experience other completely innovative technological products such as the NeuroSpa and the Pulsar, a treatment that uses light and sound. The NeuroSpa, meanwhile, provides deep relaxation through acoustic vibrations. These treatments can also be given at businesses and special events.

Ovarium Spa Floatation Bath Relaxation Massage, NeuroSpa, Pulsar

Targeted Treatments, Accessible to All

To whom does this treatment apply? To absolutely everyone. Modern living gives us all our share of stress. As well, certain clients may receive specific services.  For example, pregnant women, who are not normally able to go to the spa as they must avoid extreme temperature changes, can safely enjoy the floatation baths. They also have a truly unique experience, finding themselves in the same state of well-being as their baby. They can also benefit from specialized massages.

Athletes will also benefit Spa Ovarium. Epsom salt is known for its ability to eliminate lactic acid from one's muscles. Floatation baths are highly recommended in helping one to recover after significant physical effort. Another piece of good news? Regardless of the amount of time you have, you will be able to find treatment that is adapted to you and your schedule. Even 30-minute sessions are available for the Pulsar and the NeuroSpa.

Ovarium Spa Floatation Bath Relaxation Massage, NeuroSpa, Pulsar
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