Sweet Isabelle
By Nora Merola

Sweet Delights

The minute you walk into Sweet Isabelle on Promenade Fleury, your senses are tantalized with the sweet scent of cookies and cakes. The shop's owner, Isabelle Quinn, is charming and spirited — and truly sweet. She speaks passionately about her business, where smiles and good humour are as important as the quality of the cookies that she makes.

While Sweet Isabelle is certainly a perfect place to buy a box of cupcakes or pack of cookies, it's also a workshop to discover the joys of a good natter while decorating cookies. Yes, culinary decoration is an activity — an art — that is practised in groups for children's or bachelorette parties, Sweet Sixteens, showers or professional meetings. Activities can be held in the shop with your gang, or Sweet Isabelle's flying squad will come to your home or office.

Cookies are seriously fun; they're eaten one at a time. You'll never overdo it with a cookie! - Isabelle Quinn
First there were cookies, and then cupcakes at Sweet Isabelle.

For the Love of Cooking

Ever since she was young, Isabelle's life has revolved around flavours. "My memories are all connected to food. I'm eating, I'm with someone and I'm doing the cooking, or I'm tasting something," she says.

Isabelle devoted 10 years to her family before going into business, a family that she's managed as one might manage a business. Her favourite tasks? Cooking for her children and organizing huge parties with family or friends. When the children grew up, she wanted to keep cooking to entertain people. And that's how the idea of a cookie shop was born.

The number of different ways to decorate a cookie at Sweet Isabelle are endless.

A Taste for Finer Things

When she made her first shortbread, it was a revelation. "A cookie is seriously fun; they're eaten one at a time," says Isabelle. "We can offer that or make packs of cookies. It's also a modest way to treat your sweet tooth: you'll never overdo it with a cookie!"

First there were the cookies and then came the cupcakes. Made with a 100 per cent butter base, Isabelle has settled on a traditional recipe and offers her customers a dozen different flavours to choose from. However, although the recipe may be traditional, the possibilities for decoration are endless!

There are a dozen cookie flavours at Sweet Isabelle.

A Family Business

Sweet Isabelle has been doing business on the Promenade Fleury since 2010. Isabelle and her husband, both former students at Ahuntsic high, decided to come back to spoil the people in their neighbourhood. They chose the name of the shop from something Isabelle's grandmother would often say, "You're sweet, Isabelle!"

From humble beginnings, this business now continues to grow thanks to help from family members. Isabelle's mother lends a hand in the kitchen, her husband takes care of the website and her grownup kids work there part-time, alongside several students from the neighbourhood. It's going so well that they opened a second shop in Old Longueuil, bringing cookie sweetness to customers on the South Shore.

Sweet Isabelle has been open on Promenade Fleury since 2010.
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