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The Perfect Meeting

When a Michelin star Spanish chef, a Spanish-Venezuelan with a passion for gastronomy, and a Quebec television and radio host meet, Spain arrives in Montreal with all its scents and flavours. Welcome to Tapas24.

For a long time, Maria Sanz was waiting for the opportunity to get involved in a dream project. So she seized her chance when the reputed Spanish chef Carles Abellan, owner of Tapas24 in Barcelona, ​​decided to open a second restaurant in Montreal. "Carles literally fell in love with our city after discovering its cosmopolitan character, its French-English linguistic dualism and its extremely friendly people," says Maria.

To work in the restaurant buiness, you have to do your homework, go through all the steps, even when one is self-taught like me. - Maria Sanz, manager
Tapas 24 Barcelona Tapas Restaurant Gastronomy Spanish

A Winning Team

The charm and friendliness of Sébastien Benoît, well known host and co-owner of the restaurant, was instrumental in highlighting the place. "The support of a good working team is critical to the success of a restaurant," says Maria, who is no novice to the world of catering. In the past, she was the owner of "Ceviches" and hosted the show "Teleritmo", besides having launched the site "latabledemaria.tv". What a rich and exciting past for this dynamic woman, today the manager of Tapas24.

The primary concern of chef Carles Abellan is to keep the freshness and the original taste of his Barcelona recipes. Even though Montreal's menu required some adjustments due to the impossibility of finding some products here, Carles has managed to keep its culinary identity. Plus, Maria says one of the most popular dishes in Barcelona, ​​which is also found in Montreal, is the famous dessert Pan con chocolate.This is Carles' grandmother's recipe: a delicious chocolate ganache layered on a thin crisp slice of bread, sprinkled with fleur de sel and drizzled with a tasty olive oil.

Tapas 24 Barcelona Tapas Restaurant Gastronomy Spanish

Flavours of Spain

According to Maria, "Chef Abellan makes a great contribution to local gastronomy, which he so adores, offering his know-how and expertise in traditional and contemporary Spanish cuisine." Montrealers seem to be won over by his style. In addition, some local celebrities such as Véronique Cloutier, Louis Morissette, Ginette Reno and Mariloup Wolfe also frequent the restaurant.

It's been confirmed: Tapas24 has quickly carved out a place in the hearts of its clientele who want to discover new flavours in a unique, warm and friendly setting. Viva España!

Tapas 24 Barcelona Tapas Restaurant Gastronomy Spanish
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