Les Enfants Terribles — Outremont
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A Family Business

Les Enfants Terribles is first and foremost a family affair. It all began in 2008 when Francine Brûlé, after a long career in the world of fashion, fell in love with a 100-seat restaurant for sale on Bernard Avenue. "I knew absolutely nothing about the restaurant business," recalls the businesswoman, who was unknowingly about to kickoff a great adventure that would lead her to become the owner of three restaurants in Montreal.

Her youngest son came up with the idea of ​​the restaurant's name shortly before the opening, while the family was vacationing in Mexico. "The guys went out for New Year's Eve, and my youngest didn't come back until the next afternoon," explains Francine. "While I was giving him a sermon, he suggested that I should name my restaurant Les Enfants Terribles in honour of him and his two brothers. Not only did I say yes, but I promised him that I would put their faces everywhere!"

Francine kept her promise. You can see large pictures of the now famous enfants terribles on the walls of the restaurant.

I knew absolutely nothing to about the restaurant business. - Francine Brûlé, owner
Francine is the owner of Les Enfants terribles.

Where Everyone Feels Good

The concept was simple in theory: open a Montreal tavern where everyone feels good. "I wanted my restaurant to become an extension of home for my patrons, a bit like English pubs. I wanted to serve inexpensive dishes for everyday meals, but also finer dishes and good wine for special occasions. All this in an atmosphere where grandparents, parents and grandchildren would be comfortable, where a woman could come alone without fear of being bored, a place where we could relax and let go while remaining familiar and accessible," says Francine.

The first months were very stressful, says Francine, who remembers well the 18-hour days at the Bernard Avenue restaurant, learning the secrets of the restaurant business the hard way. Through hard work and with the help of her family, loyal customers and dedicated employees, Les Enfants Terribles became the popular eatery that it is today. "I owe a lot to my employees," says Francine. "Some of them have been with us since the very beginning in 2008!"

Les Enfants Terribles' Île des Soeurs location features communal dining. Photo by Stéphane Cock

The Family is Growing

In 2013, the second restaurant opened on Nun's Island, followed by a third in Laval in 2015. Francine employed the famous architect Louis-Joseph Papineau (who designed the Peel Metro station, Mirabel terminal and the Quebec Pavilion at Expo 67) for the interior decoration. In collaboration with Francine's son, Alexandre Brosseau, he designed the interior of all the restaurants. Francine typically attributes the accessible character of her restaurants to this multi-generational trio, consisting of the architect, her son and herself. "Everyone wins," she says, smiling.

Les Enfants Terribles' Laval location features a notable mural. Photo by Vladimir Antaki
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