Legal Logik Inc
By David Kynan

From Business Whiz to Legal Innovator

Where can start-ups and entrepreneurs turn for much needed legal guidance from start-up to growth? Cue Legal Logik, one of the only legal firms that provides free legal services to small businesses.

Jamie Benizri, the firm’s founder, never expected to be reinventing the legal trade. His first degree was in physiology, completed at McGill University, and he was pretty sure he'd end up in medical school. With a knack for business, he managed to build and sell both software and real estate companies before he’d even graduated. But one thing led to another and he ended up in law school.

Although he was wholly uninterested in the classes, he persevered and started his career at a small law firm in 2008. "I didn't like the academic side of law, but I loved the practice,” Jamie says. “My mind was like a sponge, absorbing everything and deciphering the language and culture of being a lawyer.” Soon he was working as a prosecutor with the city of Montreal.

While working with business clients, Jamie noticed something he didn't like. "There was always tension between client and lawyer over billing. For the client, the bill was always an unexpected surprise and I felt the billing model was out of tune with modern commerce,” he explains. His unconventional ideas about the commerce of law spurred him to launch Legal Logik in 2011, a legal services firm obsessed with championing the cause of entrepreneurship.

Client success first, profit second. - Jamie Benizri, owner
Legal Logic

The Start-Up’s All-Access Pass to Legal Services

Many business owners suffer from “legal fee phobia,” but Legal Logik may have the cure. Jamie and his team make legal services accessible to start-ups and small businesses with reasonable, or rather, irresistible prices. Free incorporation? You got it. Debt collection with no money down? You can have that, too.

Legal Logik is out to give entrepreneurs a much-needed boost by offering free and fixed pricing services with a view of building long-term relationships that will help them succeed. Clients love it, but for Jamie, it’s the only way of doing business that makes sense. “When start-ups and entrepreneurs need legal help but can’t afford it, or hate to pay for it, everyone suffers,” he explains. “We decided to forget about short-term profits and focus on long-term relationships. Client success first, profit second."

The team at Legal Logik now incorporates about 100 new companies each month. The firm boasts four lawyers, who are supported by a powerful eight-person administrative team consisting of corporate technicians, office managers and business developers, plus a network of affiliate lawyers, each with a particular specialty. "Clients stay, come back, and refer because we put them first and we're able to service their needs at lightning speed,” adds Jamie.

Legal Logik is a traditional brick and mortar law firm coupled with an online store. In addition to incorporation, civil, commercial, estate litigation and debt collection, Legal Logik helps with personal services as well. If you want your last will and testament and living will done, it will cost you less than $100 from their online platform available on the firm’s website.

An Advocate for Entrepreneurship

When he’s not behind his desk or meeting with clients, you’ll find Jamie, who's just 32, speaking at entrepreneurship events, teaching business law courses in and around Montreal and even speaking at Master’s level classes in international commerce for several law schools in France.

In his classes, he highlights the importance of breaking conventions and giving customers what they really want. At Legal Logik, he sets the example by offering affordable legal services combined with transparency, accessibility, convenience and a healthy dose of goodwill.

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