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  • Full Dining,
  • Cocktail,
  • Patio,

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  • English,
2-1600 Howe St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2L9
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  • $26 To $60,

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Meet the owner

In the case of culinary fusion, an unexpected ensemble of cuisines can combine to form something altogether new. Welcome to the multiple award-winning Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio, where executive chef Ricardo Valverde creates a cultural food mosaic from his native Peru.

Peruvian cuisine is a blend of flavours reflecting the mix of cultures – a fusion of Japanese-Peruvian taste. The origins of this gastronomic mash-up dates back more than a century. In the late 1880s, Japanese miners and railroad workers, lured by the promise of jobs, travelled to Peru. With them came their Japanese recipes. Using locally sourced Peruvian ingredients, they produced dishes that married the simplicity and precision of Japanese culinary techniques with Peruvian staples like chilies, limes, cilantro, cumin, coriander and fresh seafood.

Although not a new pairing, Ricardo is introducing this marriage of cultures to Vancouver, through inspiring dishes like ceviche, Nikkei quinoa salad with Huacatay crema, and Aji Panca glazed sablefish with Wakame chimichurri and Ocopa sauce. “Our ceviche is marinated in tiger’s milk, a blend of fresh lime, ginger, celery trims, which results in a delicious milky consistency,” explains Rocardo, who studied classic French cuisine at Dubrulle International Culinary Arts. “Our sablefish’s sauce is made from smoked yellow chilis and marinated in a soy sake, giving it a sweet, smoky flavour.”

Since Ancora opened its doors in the summer of 2015, Ancora has been a successful dialogue between the two customs. However, Ricardo is quick to credit the restaurant’s success to the team, which includes raw food chef Yoshihiro Tabo who leads the restaurant's raw bar, and pastry chef Rebecca Chen. “Yoshihiro is a masterful sushi chef while Rebecca in a young rising star, a total natural,” he says. “The Algarrobina, a whipped ganache is her own creation and it’s simply amazing.”

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Dine Out Vancouver: Upscale restaurants for serious foodies

Dine Out Vancouver: Upscale restaurants for serious foodies

Unlike some of the more casual tourist traps that line Vancouver’s well-travelled seawall, Ancora is exceedingly elegant in terms of its decor and cuisine. A sophisticated dining room is bright and airy, and punctuated with subtle nautical blues and soft, contemporary design features. In keeping with the restaurant’s waterfront locale, the menu focuses on high-quality, sustainable seafood while incorporating unique Japanese and Peruvian influences. Choices on the $40 Dine Out dinner menu include albacore tuna taviche, Pacific lingcod, braised beef short rib and more.

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Vancouver’s best bars for South American inspired cocktails

Vancouver’s best bars for South American inspired cocktails

More than two centuries ago, Japanese people began immigrating to Peru — originally in search of gold, and later in search of work as farmers. Today, Peru has the second largest Japanese population in the continent. Ancora celebrates this lesser-known diaspora with a unique menu of Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine highlighted by fresh, locally sourced seafood. Their cocktail menu showcases two iconic spirits from both countries: Japanese whiskey and a variety of different piscos from south of the border.

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Stylish spots for Mother’s Day brunch in Vancouver

Stylish spots for Mother’s Day brunch in Vancouver

Still a relative newcomer on the Vancouver dining scene, Ancora is the place to be if you’re looking for a sleek dining experience and a picturesque view. Watch the boats travel up and down False Creek while enjoying a-la-carte dishes from the newly launched brunch menu. Contemporary breakfast classics are inspired by chef Ricardo Valverde’s Peruvian heritage, and highlight Japanese influences along with West Coast seasonal flavours. Traditional eggs Benny gets a Latin spin with the addition of corn bread and smoked hollandaise, while Southern fave chicken and waffles is reimagined with spiced syrup and avocado puree.

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