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  • Bathurst And Sheppard,
101-4430 Bathurst St, North York, ON M3H 3S3
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Rizwan Attiq

I called on the phone. The doctor came to the phone immediately and gave me excellent advice. He faxed my prescription to the pharmacy immediately. Very friendly and helpful doctor. Receptionist was very kind and accommodating. I was really impressed.

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Choir Naguma

This is the worst medical clinic very rude staff

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I had a bit of a speech problem and I thought my tongue was swollen. They ran a blood test and told me most likely it was my salivary gland and I should go home and rinse my mouth with salt water 3-4 times a day. I went and saw another doctor the next day and he told me I had a stroke and I was immediately admitted to the hospital. Slurred speech is a sign that any doctor should recognize and sent that individual to the hospital immediately!

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I had a horrible visit at the clinic. Doctor was fine and he did his due dillgence. There were two receptionists. The younger lady was very nice and professional. The older one had a very bad attitude, Rude and cold. She tried to push the task to us so she doesn’t need to do anything on her end even the doctor told her to arrange it. I can’t believe such person work in healthcare clinic and look after people dealing with illness. To be honest , I do not wish to return anymore

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Terrible wait! it's takes too long to find a chart and make new file for new patient it's already hi tech now a days but this clinic is same old school, and waiting is long Doctor can't even diagnose me and receptionist was rude couldn't even ask question not friendly

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Doctors are ok at this clinic but receptionist are not professionals, they are rude and I noticed they will make you wait while people they know from their country came later but get seen sooner than you.

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i went to see the doctor this afternoon and waiting time is fine then i was called to get inside and so i did. i waited for few minutes inside then the doctor came in. that doctor never introduces himself and he was in a hurry to be out of the door. I ask him to checked my BP and after he storm out the door. He didn't even bother to tell me the result. I was not really satisfied with his performance at all. i will not recommend this doctor at a all.

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Horrible place

Aside from very long waiting time (2-3hrs), the front staffs are very rude. I had an OB appointment at 10am but the receptionist told me they don't follow the appointment schedule. I asked what's the point of the appointment, she told me to ask the doctor!

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phoned in before...

phoned in before driving over to the clinic to see whether I will be accepted. The lady on the phone seemed nice and told me that as long as I arrive before 7:30 PM I'll be able to see the doctor as they close 8-9PM. Upon arrival at 6:50PM, however, the receptionist would not accept me. I've never seen a healthcare office act so unprofessional, rude and cold. Even as I explained to her the situation and the urgency, she told me to leave and ordered the lady I spoke with on the phone to do the same. WOW. I work with health care professionals daily and the lack of respect, interpersonal skills and empathy in this individual was shocking! Wrong career honey. Will never step foot in your "clinic" ever again.

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Horrible customer...

Horrible customer service, they put you on hold and then the phone call drops, the receptionists are rude on the phone. In person, the wait times are almost always over 1.5 hours, the receptionists act as if they are god's gift to earth. The doctors are average, seem rushed and don't like being talked back to at all. You are treated like an animal at this clinic, would not recommend this place.

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You will never fi...

You will never find a doctor who truly cares about their patients than Dr. Atwal. If you go to a hospital you have to wait even longer and usually the doctor does not have enough time and then you are off to see your family doctor anyway. I agree the wait times are long, but that is a testament to how well Dr. Atwal cares for her patients. If you feel the wait times are unjustified then go to another doctor. As for the staff, try engaging them by saying hello instead of barking orders!

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Wait times are ne...

Wait times are never less than 1 hour. Once you see a doctor they try to get rid of you as soon as possible. I had a blood test done, was called for results, went in, waited 1.5 hours, then was told the results weren't fully there. Horrible service!!!

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What's Worse Than Horrible?

This place is worse than horrible!!! Decided to go their one evening since I knew there was still about 45mins before they closed, and I was only 5 mins away. As I get there I see one lone SUV departing from the smaller of the 2 parking lots. I then realize that this is staff parking, not patient parking because you need a badge or pass to open the gate. As I go inside, I see a man standing at reception asking the receptionist, "What do you mean the doc's gone home? If you close at 9pm, then why is he going home already? Then you should change your sign to say that you close at 8:20PM, not 9PM." Apparently, it was a quiet night, the doc didn't feel to stay till the very end. The man had been there previously and they had called him earlier on that day to get some test results. He asked what time they were open until becasue he had to travel a long distance to get there from his work place. The attitude of the receptionists was just ugly. They couldn't care one bit at what had traspired. No sympathy towards the man, only attitude. The previous time I was there, I had to wait over 2 hours to see the doc. I a complaint about my foot. My doc was closed, as it was a weekend, so I showered up and drove to this clinic. They moved me from the waiting room after 2hrs, and moved me to the private room, where I waited another 45mins. Finally, the doc comes in...just finishing up his meal. He didn't even want to touch my foot. Stood away like he would catch something. My foot was just showered, and I wore flip-flops. There was nothing visible, it was just an internal sore that I wanted to check out. He saw me for all of 1 minute. I vowed never to go back...but I did a few months later.. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Service: 1/5
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Not only will you have to wait at least 3 hours, they are very rude! I returned their phone call and was hung up on 4 times, then they let it ring through to their voice mail, which is full. I had blood work done on my son, they said I needed to return because the doctor wanted to discuss the results....I wait 3 hours just to hear the doc tell me everything is normal!!! And we wonder why our health care system is in the state it's in.

Service: 1/5
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The clinic is just very poorly managed. I'd try to avoid this place as much as possible.

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Terrible & Inhumane Customer Service

I called the clinic to ask a simple question and I was put on hold and then quickly the call was disconnected. I tried to call back but my calls were not answered. They were being screened. This is a terrible way to treat patients. I still do not have an answer to my simple question. The person should be fired. WE as TAX PAYERS are paying for them to work! FIRE THIS PERSON. #protectourtaxdollars

Service: 1/5
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Completely unprofessional. They rush you out of your appointment after waiting for ages. Messy premises. Doctors and staff arguing with each other and patients can hear.

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