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435 O'Brien Rd, Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z3
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service very good but food preparation has a long ways to go

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Wanetta P

Tnewbownera should have left the pizza alone it used to be really good. Ordered last night ur crust sucks. It was thinking and soggy in the middle and thick and doughy and uncooked around the outside. Won't b ordering again.

Atmosphere: 1/5
Service: 3/5
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Had a very good dinner at the Flamingo Dining Lounge. The service was excellent, all staff seemed to be as good as our server, the facilities were clean and well kept. The price was good, we will be back. Restaurantica12 wrote many poor reviews indicating that the service was bad and at least twice said that there would be no way that they would return to the Flamingo, YP dine should check up on this and delete these poor reviews.

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Jessica M

Under New Management! New Staff !! Great Food! Great Promotions! This Restaurant is on the Up check them out today!!!

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I went there once...

I went there once. And never again. I went with a group of old high school friends, and the service was awful. The waitress actually followed us into the parking lot after dinner and told us our tip was not big enough. You get what you deserve. I don't recommend this restaurant to anyone. Truly awful.

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The food is almost as discgusting as the service

Horrible service and terrible food. The staff are the worst, unfriendly, will just look at you when you come in and not even offer you a drink. The gross food make this place a joke. Order was wrong and took over an hour to receive. Right order came back uncooked (hamburger). There was a McDonalds right beside the restaurant, I wish we would have gone there instead of this dive.

Atmosphere: 1/5
Food: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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Disgusting. The worst place I've ever been

This place is so bad that it's almost laughable. As soon as we walked in we were ignored by all the waitresses so we weren't quite sure what to do (don't restaurants usually have a "please wait to be seated sign?). We stood around and sat ourselves eventually and waited and waited. The waitress finally took our order. The waitress was SO rude! She mumbled a few words to get our order, but suddenly when a fellow waitress walked by she didn't mind yelling "heeyy when's your shift over"? Guess socializing is more important than the customers. Now on to the food. Absolutely disgusting. We asked for a hamburger with a little bit of ketchup and a poutine. The burger was slopped up with all kinds of mustard and onions. The poutine's gravy was wierd. I'm pretty sure it was just salt, water, and brown food colouring. The disgusting old plate was encrusted with egg. Both of our glasses of water had white flakes in them. I had a coffee and the milk was curdled. The Atmosphere - This place is extremely dirty! We seen the cook (big guy in a white apron) trailing around with an Ottawa Sun into the bathroom. The windows had spider webs in the corners. The seats had a big worn out spot. I've never quite seen a restaurant as terrible as this. I'll never set food in this dump again.

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Friendly, clean, and a great meal

We took our son there, before he went back to Afghanistan, so we were all a little on edge. I believe the manager served us, and he was friendly and eager to please. They have a nice, varied, menu and the four of us had no problems at all. I plan a trip back from Ottawa to take my daughter-in-law and grand daughter out for lunch.

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Absolutely horrible customer service! Rude and misinformed staff. The owner is equally as rude. Many are many other restaurants in this small town that have exceptional food and customer service.

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