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  • English,
494 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B3
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  • $11 To $25,

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Meet the owner

Toronto is a city dotted with sushi restaurants from end to end, but it doesn’t take much digging to find out that each has its own origin story – and its own sauce. I Love Sushi owner Mark Chan says discovering the recipes for his secret sauces took some detective work. “Some restaurants, they don’t want you to see the chefs making the sauce,” says Mark. “They don’t even let you touch the rolls when you first start.”

Mark had to jump through a few hoops before discovering that secret, and before opening his own successful restaurant on Queen West; when he arrived as an immigrant to Canada, he started working in sushi restaurants. Mark toiled away at his new job, all the meanwhile making a close friend who was higher up in the kitchen’s chain of command. This guy knew something Mark had been very curious about – how to make unagi sauce, teriyaki, and salad dressing – those closely guarded recipes he wasn’t allowed to know.

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Everything was delicious. Makes we re fresh and well made, gyoza was crispy , miso was great they even gave me enough soy sauce . Will order from here again

Atmosphere: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5
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Serena X

Was craving thai ...

Was craving thai and decided to try this place since the merge. What a joke the chef was busy with something else and the waitress was too busy flirting. When I received my order it wasnt even pad thai. Just fried asian noodles. Avoid this place dont even know why this place is still here.

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Biz Merge

Seems they've merged (somehow), with Bangkok Paradise that used to be a few doors down. I've been ordering pad thai (lunch menu), for 15+ years and have to say; since the merge the pad thai has gotten (even), better, and now I ordfer at least once a week. haven't done their sushi yet and doubt I will........never had a problem with service.

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Jerowe R

Good sushi!

Good food and fast service!

Atmosphere: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
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STAY AWAY - Save your money

I have been to many sushi restaurants (all you can eat, high end). So I know some of the service you can get from cheap sushi places isn't at the best and don't expect exceptional service. Having low expectations on service this restaurant managed to completely bring themselves to a new low. Not only is the food awful quality (beef ribs burnt, using CANNED tuna for the sushi). The waitress was completely rude with rolling her eyes when we wanted our ribs to be replaced with something that was properly cooked and edible. I regret the time and money I spent here. I hope others read this and can save them the trouble. This restaurant should be given no stars (but it's mandatory to enter at least one on here).

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What a ridiculous place! The reviewer from before...

What a ridiculous place! The reviewer from before is absolutely right. They DO NOT CARE about your business. I went in one afternoon by myself for lunch. The restaurant was empty. There was a sushi chef behind the counter towards the back and one waitress. It took quite a while before she would even acknowledge my presence, when she did, she yelled out: Anywhere! When I sat myself, she came over and tossed the menu on my table and walked away. She didn't say a word. Then after some MORE time of waiting for her to take my order, she came back. I looked at her as she approached my table and then when she got there, continued just to stare at me, again - not saying a word. So I told her what I wanted and she turned and walked away. To her back, I said, and maybe I could have some water or something? And she said OKAY without looking back. When she got back to the counter she muttered something to the sushi chef, and that is when I called out: You are very rude, forget about it. And as I was walking out, she said "thank you!" As if everything was normal. Dear God! When a restaurant is empty and you clearly don't have business on a warm summer lunch hour, you'd think you would try to RETAIN your customers. This was an awful experience and I will never go there again. I recommend you do not either. The Sushi place on Richmond just south of there is so much better. APPALLING!

Atmosphere: 1/5
Food: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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i dont' go to this place anymore since i've...

i dont' go to this place anymore since i've moved, but when i used to go here a few times..it wasn't all that bad..take out was good..and when i took a couple of my friends there..food was good too..except for the service..was really slow..you would think when there's only a couple tables that has to be served at the time, service would be good..but the waitress didn't seem to make enough effort to take care of the customers well..we had to wait for our bill when we were done..then we had to wait for her to come to take the money..then we had to wait for the change..that took altogether like half an hour..anyway.. i don't usually write reviews..the only reason why i'm writing for this place is because of the person who previously wrote for this place...can you say MORON? haha..if they've constantly deliver late..why continue to order from them? there are so many other great jap. restaurants around! so funny how dumb ppl are..and they wonder why they dont get what they want.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 2/5
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I have been getting take out from this restaurant...

I have been getting take out from this restaurant for a very long time. I have ordered for dinners at home, parties and office functions. The service and mentality at this restaurant is appalling. I have never dealt with such uncaring of my business ever - I have 20 years of hospitality experience along with owning my own business and this is the worst case I've seen. Not only are they continually late with deliveries (I have waited up to 2 1/2 hours) for a corporate lunch delivery, much to my embarassment. And, just recently we ordered food, picked it up and had not only missing items (that we paid for) but other missed items and substitutions we were unaware of. Long story short we were told that they wouldn't deliver missing items because it wasn't worth their while unless we ordered more (on top of what we already had) to make the delivery of missing food items worth it to them. We were told the manager was a woman who did not speak English, than the gentleman on the phone magically became the manager and then he became the owner. There is more to this painful 15 minute conversatin with the female/male/maanger/owner but not worth the re-hash of aggrevation. All I can say is - don't go to this place - they don't care to have your business.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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