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If you’ve ever worried about shampoo chemicals or wondered what happens to your highlighter foils, you’ve likely realized that hair maintenance is tough on the environment. Many salons are dedicated to environmentally friendly, sustainable practices, such as recycling and using ammonia-free hair dyes. These hair studios make being eco-friendly chic and easy.
Whether you’re a workout newbie or a hardcore athlete, buying new workout clothes can be a challenge. Usually, you’re searching for gear that is both functional and fashionable – and some workout clothes are neither. But, these athletic apparel shops carry workout clothes that will never disappoint.
Steak tartare, made from raw, chopped up steak seasoned to perfection, is a European delicacy. It’s often served with crostinis or rye bread, but some chefs create daring variations of the dish. While it takes a dash of courage to try it, once you do, you’ll be hooked. These restaurants serve up the most delectable tartares in Edmonton.

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