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Manitoba: the curling capital of Canada

'In Winnipeg the nights are long', once sang Pierre Lalonde. The nights are long here because it is densely populated: no fewer than 1.2 million Manitobans live in the capital! Manitoba's population is made up of various international backgrounds; Ukraine, Scotland, Great Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland and the First Nations are all represented there. This beautiful blend is reflected in the food, shops and local arts as well.

More than half of the province’s territory is covered by forests, and there are more than 100,000 lakes here. As in Quebec, the hydropower industry is of prime importance, and the province sells the surplus to its Canadian neighbours and to the United States. It is in Manitoba that one finds the longest suspension bridge in the country, with its 582 feet stretching across the Souris River.

And what does one do in Manitoba? Well, in particular, one plays curling. Winnipeg is the curling capital of Canada! Do not laugh; it's more difficult than it seems.

Culture is an integral part of life in Manitoba. Several galleries exhibit Inuit art — notably the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the largest in the world in this field. The province is home to several annual events, including the Icelandic Festival of Gimli, the Folk Festival, the National Ukrainian Festival, the Opaskwayak Festival (Aboriginal Festival), the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Festival, the Saint Boniface Festival of the Traveller and many more. Not to mention, for fans of francophone Canadian history, the house and tomb of Louis Riel.

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