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The Northwest Territories: the further away, the more beautiful it is

Besides being the capital of this vast territory, Yellowknife is the diamond capital of North America. Approximately 20,000 people live here, making up slightly less than half of the total population of this part of Canada. Half of the Canadians living here are of Aboriginal descent, including the Inuit, Métis and Dene peoples.

It is, like in the Yukon, through the extraction of raw materials that the Northwest Territories fill their coffers, but one should not overlook the importance of tourism. The region’s wildlife, flora and countless natural beauties bewitch many a visitor. Fly-fishing enthusiasts are well served here.

Great Bear Lake, which is the eighth largest lake in the world, can be found right here in the Northwest Territories. The Great Slave Lake, also located here, is the deepest in Canada and the tenth largest on Earth. You can fish for salmon in the Mackenzie River, the longest in the country, with its 1,738 km.

The population is not large, but culture is very much alive here. The Northwest Territories offer many music festivals, shows, museums and historical societies that fulfill their duty of preserving the rich heritage of the Canadian North. Every two years, in even years, athletes from the Canadian and American North, Russia, Greenland and Lapland meet for the Arctic Winter Games.

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