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If you want to live a long and healthy life, fried chicken’s probably not a regular feature on your plate. But when that craving strikes, nothing quite hits the spot like it! At first glance it may seem like a challenge to find something in Ottawa other than the Colonel’s red and white buckets, but here are some reliable spots for fried chicken that go above and beyond.
There’s lots about Ottawa that shines, but it’s the city’s restaurant scene that really stands out, thanks to its sheer variety of great places to eat. This includes a stellar selection of fish and chips restaurants, ranging from relaxed hangouts to award-winning establishments serving everything from classic English-style to Cajun-hot varieties.
Ottawa has a great barbecue scene that includes terrific establishments offering Southern barbecue, Texas barbecue, Korean barbecue and many other types of savoury goodness. Regardless of the flavor you seek, you'll be able to find a place in Ottawa that satiates your desire for smoky, spicy, carnivorous cuisine that melts in your mouth.

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