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Yellow Pages presents full contact information for in and around the Milton-Campbellville, Ontario region. With the largest listings of categories anywhere in Canada, is your first choice for search. If you live near Milton-Campbellville, discover new user-reviewed products and services by your home, with .

When you think “bachelorette,” there’s a good chance that copious amounts of alcohol, naughty-shaped lollipops, and an empty bank account are what come to mind. Mix up the bride’s bachelorette party at these unconventional venues for a little pre-wedding celebration.
Winter is here, and you might be tempted to stay in bed and wallow in the winter blues, but there are places all around this great city that can help lift your spirit. Take a look and find your happy place!
Toronto’s nightlife seems to centre on the bar scene and the trendiest bourbon of the year. It’s not so easy to find lively spots to hang out after work or catch up with friends if you don’t drink. Why not kick off your second wind with a little caffeine instead? Here are some hotspots for a sober-friendly night out on the town.
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