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The ritual of afternoon tea is one of the anchors of civilization. In Ottawa, that civilization is going strong. You'll find a wealth of destinations where you can sit comfortably with a warm cup of tea. From the old-fashioned class of Zoe's Lounge to the modern rhythms of Fleur Tea House, it's a tea-lover's paradise.
Hunger doesn't always strike at the most opportune times – let alone during regular restaurant hours. Luckily Ottawa offers several restaurants open nearly all hours of the day. Catering to every food imaginable, from eggs Benedict to falafel sandwiches to poutine, these eateries will guarantee you get what you want, no matter the time of day.
Ottawa has a great barbecue scene that includes terrific establishments offering Southern barbecue, Texas barbecue, Korean barbecue and many other types of savoury goodness. Regardless of the flavor you seek, you'll be able to find a place in Ottawa that satiates your desire for smoky, spicy, carnivorous cuisine that melts in your mouth.

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