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Quebec: a European touch in North America

Take one look at the architecture and the streets of Old Montreal, Quebec, Château Frontenac and the fort of île-Sainte-Hélène, and it is easy to believe Quebec is the official representative of Europe in North America. It's a little like visiting France or England without having to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Canada's largest province, populated by more than eight million people, is proving to be a vast territory where lakes, rivers and forests are king. The population mostly resides on the shores of the majestic St. Lawrence River. Quebec is overwhelmingly francophone outside its metropolis, but Montreal is a real multicultural and multilingual centre.

Summer is the perfect time to visit the Botanical Garden, the Wine Route and the Pierced Rock. Outdoor adventurers can go kayaking on the vast Lac Saint-Jean or walk la rue du Trésor in Quebec City. The festivals are legendary, including the Just for Laughs Festival, the fringe and jazz festivals in Montreal, the Quebec City Summer Festival, the Valleyfield Regatta and many more. And that’s not to mention all the opportunities for hiking, kayaking and rafting, and thousands of kilometres of bicycle paths.

And the restaurants ... we are not mincing words. It is in Quebec that one eats the best per square kilometre. It is not for nothing that Montreal is, in the entire planet, the place where there are the most restaurants per capita! French, Greek, Portuguese and Creole cuisine, fine wines, divine liqueurs... you can find everything here, and sleep very little!

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