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A little happy hour between colleagues? A supper between friends? A guys and/or girls night? Here is a short guide of venues offering private spaces or rooms where you won't be afraid to bother anyone if you laugh too hard!
While it’s fun to have a drink with friends, not everyone wants to order beer – sometimes the time is ripe for a good glass of wine, or why not a chic cocktail? For all those times when we want to treat ourselves after work or to simply celebrate the weekend, here are some of the best places in Quebec for a drink!
In recent years, Quebec has seen an increase in the number of microbreweries, and St. Roch is one of the neighbourhoods that has benefited most from this brewing boom. The majority of beer lovers undoubtedly know this neighbourhood, but there will always be new fans of this sweet nectar. Here's a small guideline on how to discover the best places for a dream evening in Saint-Roch.

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