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Montreal is known for having some of the best pastry shops in the country, so it’s no surprise it also boasts some of the best éclairs. The custard-filled choux pastries are the icing on the proverbial pâtisserie.
Few cities are as lively as Montreal during the week. In this city, we don't wait for the weekend to have a drink or a good time, we go out whenever we feel like it! Here is our selection, reserved for those 18 and older, of bars with festive or cozy atmospheres where you can relax at the end of the day.
At first glance, breakfast and business may not seem like a good match, but the combination actually has a lot going for it. Starting the day energized and with a clear mind, you should be primed for shrewd analysis and good deal-making. Many Montreal restaurants serve breakfast and can host your morning meeting. Here’s a list of our picks to get your day off to a great start on both the breakfast and business fronts.

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