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Yukon: an experience for the explorer and adventurer in you

How many men and women went to the Yukon in the hopes of going home with gold-filled pockets? Very few have found wealth, and many have lost their lives here. The gold rush still attracts many tourists who come to see what excited adventurers so long ago. Other attractions include Yukon’s many festivals that are focused on native arts and crafts — in particular the Sourdough Rendezvous, which is held annually in the capital, Whitehorse, where 75 per cent of the province’s 34,000 inhabitants live.

A quarter of the Yukon population is indigenous, distributed among 14 First Nations speaking eight different languages. The exploitation of raw materials (zinc, lead, silver, gold and copper) is at the heart of the local economy, but tourism remains the largest employer — depending on the season, of course, for you must know that in winter, it is not uncommon for temperatures to drop to -51 degrees Celsius. Brrrrr!

Thankfully, in the summertime one can enjoy comfortable temperatures and very long sunny days. In the spring and autumn, the beauty and splendour of the Northern Lights transforms the sky into nature’s fireworks. Is there a more beautiful postcard than this?

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