Amazing Toronto golf courses where the best is the norm

Golf is often called “the grand old game” and when suiting up, it’s important to pay homage to its storied roots. It’s a game where legends are made and dreams crushed. Do you have what it takes to complete a round at these renowned Toronto golf courses?

St George's Golf & Country Club

1668 Islington Ave, Etobicoke, ON M9A 3M9

This golf course consistently ranks at the top of any list put together by golf digests, and is easily one of the best year after year in Canada. The legendary architect Stanley Thompson designed the fairway to challenge golfers and please the eye, with softly undulating hills that demand patience and strategy. Once you’ve sunk the ball on the 18th hole, reward yourself in the Royal York Lounge or Upper Verandah, both of which offer stunning views of the course.

Royal Woodbine Golf Club Pro Shop

195 Galaxy Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 6R7

Membership here will cost a pretty penny, but one look at the course will assure you it’s more than worth it. Golfers of all skill levels can challenge themselves with strategically placed water hazards and sand traps, making par not an entirely improbable goal. It’s an excellent place to work on your handicap and no matter what you hit that day, the chefs at the bar and grill never judge while serving you delicious post-game meals.

National Golf Club Of Canada

134 Clubhouse Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 2W2

A dress code is strictly enforced here, which means cargo shorts and capri pants stay in the locker. Playing times are also in effect so no matter how tough one hole is, you’ve only got four hours and 23 minutes to cap off the 18th. And with cell phones having to be silenced – the golf here is a true throwback to its roots. You’ll never feel so challenged as you do here but once you’re done, relax in the Fazio Lounge.

Pipers Heath

5501 Trafalgar Rd, Milton, ON L0P 1E0

Serious golfers everywhere have heard of the name Graham Cooke, one of the most renowned architects in the industry. He’s managed to achieve an incredible combination of skill, difficulty and creativity at Piper Heath by crafting a par-72 course that makes you feel as though you’re on the Scottish Highlands. Each hole is nicely secluded from the others by way of grassy mounds, but just watch out for the wetlands and meadows that’ll cost you a stroke or two.

Toronto Golf Club

1305 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L5E 2P5

You’ll be playing on the third-oldest course in all of North America, with this one built 10 years after the foundation of Canada and moving to its current location in 1911. If the 13th, 16th or 18th holes really challenge you, don’t sweat it too much – this course has played host to the Canadian Open five times and eight times for the Canadian Amateur Championship, and stymied the best in the world. Dress and playing codes are highly enforced.

The Mississaugua Golf & Country Club

1725 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON L5H 2K4

In a bit of a departure from the norm, this golf course features 20 holes but you’ll do just fine tackling 18 of them. And when you line up your shot at the tee, channel the strength of all the best players who have stood there before you. This golf course has hosted the Canadian Open six times, with its challenging greens and plentiful hazards making it a tough test for all skill levels.

St Andrew's Valley Golf Club

4 Pinnacle Trail, Aurora, ON L4G 3K3

The description of the course reads, “good shots are rewarded; and if you end up in trouble, you deserve it”, so make sure to focus hard on every drive and stroke. Designer Rene Muylaert wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing, with a rolling terrain that makes each hole feel like the only one on the course. The 9th and 18th holes are the most challenging by far, demanding a level of precision that’ll leave you exhausted, but satisfied.

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