Best breakfast spots in Halifax

Rise and shine, Halifax! It’s early in the morning, and you’re ready to start your day with the most important meal. With so many places offering breakfast and your head still groggy, choosing one can be a daunting task. This list will point you in the direction of several excellent eateries for a satisfaction-guaranteed morning meal!

Mary´s Place Café II

5982 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 1Y7

Mornings can be hectic and rushed, so having a place where you can grab a quick, hot bite is essential. Mary’s Place is within walking distance of Dalhousie University, which makes it a popular eatery for university students, but it’s also frequented by working folk. Mary’s tables and booths are in high demand, and lineups are common. The all-day breakfast starts early, and the menu ranges from pancakes to steak and eggs to omelettes. If you're really hungry, go for the Big Guy 3X3 plate, which features bacon, eggs and sausage, ham or bologna, home fries and toast.

Cora Breakfast & Lunch

1535 Dresden Row, Halifax, NS B3J 3T1

If you like your breakfast on the creative side, choosing Cora for your early morning meal is your best bet. Located just off of Spring Garden Road, Cora is an extremely popular choice for breakfast and brunch. The booths in its large dining area are often filled, with patrons lined up out the door. The menu features delicious creations like crepes, French toast and waffles, most of which are served with a side of fresh fruit. If you’re looking for a bigger and fruity jump start to your day, try a delicious smoothie or fruit cocktail.

Athens Restaurant

6273 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A4

Athens puts a Greek spin on food that isn’t traditionally Greek, and the restaurant’s breakfast dishes are no exception. Located on Quinpool Road, Athens features a huge dining area that can accommodate large groups. The menu is also big, and it’s always a struggle to decide on just one of its many dishes. Try the Athens Scramble, which is made with three scrambled eggs, loukaniko (Greek sausage), onions, mushrooms, feta and oregano.

The Coastal Café

2731 Robie St, Halifax, NS B3K 4P1

If you find yourself in the north end of Halifax in the early morning, you should pop in to The Coastal Café for breakfast. This place gets a lot of love from locals, who enjoy its cozy atmosphere while dining on brilliant breakfast creations. The menu features about 10 dishes, and each one is like no breakfast meal you have ever eaten. One such dish is The Elvis, which consists of a buttermilk waffle sandwich filled with peanut butter, bananas, bacon and maple syrup.

Elle's Bistro

1678 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS B3J 2A2

At Elle’s Bistro, you feel at home. This is the kind of place where regular customers are greeted by name, and with a friendly smile. Its small front window belies plenty of seating around back. The breakfast menu consists of all the classic morning entrees at a great price. There are also a few original creations on the menu such as a breakfast sandwich, featuring jalapenos, bacon, fried egg and cheddar between two shredded-potato latkes.


1490 Martello St, Halifax, NS B3H 4L4

Smitty’s is a very popular Canadian breakfast-themed restaurant. Situated opposite the Public Gardens on Martello Street, its Halifax location features booths and tables that can accommodate small to large groups. The menu features a wide variety of breakfast options from light to hearty. The Western Skillet includes diced sausage, onion, red and green pepper as well as creamy hollandaise sauce. The portions are large and filling, so arrive hungry!

Ardmore Tea Room Limited

6499 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1B2

If you want a big breakfast for cheap, Ardmore is for you. Featuring booth seating and decorated with pictures and artwork depicting Halifax history, it’s a comfortable spot. The breakfast menu is served all day, and it features all the breakfast standard dishes you want. Try the French toast plate served three slices high with the option of topping it with some warm Nova Scotia blueberries.

There is nothing better than the taste (and smell) of freshly baked food. Whether it is a warm loaf of bread, or a sweet, delectable pastry, bakeries are a great place to try out both new creations, as well as some classic favourites. Thankfully, Halifax has a great selection of bakeries, no matter what you’re looking for. Here’s a list of some of the best bakeries in the city, that people just can’t stay away from!
When you want a cheap meal out, most folks turn to burgers. To the delight of Halifax burger fans, it’s surprisingly easy to find exceptionally tasty budget-conscious burgers that aren’t served by fast-food chains. The eateries listed here use top-notch ingredients to create burgers that won’t take a big bite out of your wallet.
Halifax loves craft brews. It seems like a new craft brewery pops up every other day, and naturally, the variety of Nova Scotia beers is steadily growing. Many local restaurants and bars pride themselves on offering a wide craft beer selection. Here is a roundup of some great places to visit when you’re thirsty for new and interesting suds.
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