Best spots to eat Chinese food in Edmonton

We’ve all heard the old joke about being hungry about 30 minutes after eating Chinese food. But these Edmonton Chinese restaurants fill you up with their delectable interpretations of popular Chinese dishes.

Shanghai 456

14456 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 2M5

This Chinese restaurant attained legendary status years ago, due to the delicious dumplings and the mystery surrounding the place — a weird, out-of-the-way location at the City Centre Airport, no signage, no website, et cetera. Then, the restaurant shut down just as mysteriously and people mourned the loss. But, Shanghai 456 re-opened in a new location, with the same tasty xiao long bao dumplings that they’ve always been known for. The pork dumplings, filled with soup, explode with flavour, and are extremely filling.

Pearl River Restaurant

4728 99 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5H5

Finding Chinese restaurants that are willing to make their dishes gluten-free is basically the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. Or finding a unicorn. But Pearl River Restaurant knows which dishes can be made without gluten (and they have gluten-free soy sauce on hand). Their fried broad rice noodles have a sweet, smoky taste that will leave an imprint on your taste buds. All of the dishes are great, but this is the clear winner.

Golden Rice Bowl Restaurant

5365 Gateway Blvd Nw, Edmonton, AB T6H 4P8

Known for its dim sum, people pack this place on weekends waiting for a stab at the soft pork puns. In proper old-school style, carts come around continuously, so you can call dibs on some eggplant with shrimp dim sum or dumplings.

East Restaurant

16045 97th Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 6E4

If you like your Chinese food straight-up and traditional, this might not be the place for you. But if you’re open to Chinese cuisine with a Malaysian influence, then step on up. Owner Richard Lim hails from Malaysia, so he knows what he’s doing. He’s taken that knowledge straight to the kitchen, where his team of talented chefs whips up dishes such as butter prawns with egg floss.

Lingnan Restaurant

10582 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2W1

This restaurant, run by the Quon family, has two big claims to fame: The family and the restaurant were the subject of an award-winning documentary in 2011, and it’s one of Edmonton’s oldest restaurants. The original location opened in 1947, with the restaurant moving to its current spot in 1963. Their crispy nest with chicken is one of their most popular dishes but the restaurant itself is beloved by Edmontonians.

Veggie Garden Restaurant

10582 100 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2R6

If you’re okay with abstaining from meat for a meal, this restaurant offers up Chinese food that is heavy on veggies and taste. Their barbecued tofu beef wins over most of the carnivores I know. And my friend swears by their cilantro cakes, the restaurant’s take on green onion cakes. They are doughy and addictive, with a mango dipping sauce.

Good Buddy Restaurant

128-11 Athabascan Ave, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 6H2

This family restaurant in Sherwood Park serves up fantastic Chinese dishes, including a yummy ginger beef and broccoli and beef. They smother pretty much every dish with an array of some of the most delish sauces you’ll ever try to lick off a plate. The portions are large and the servers are very accommodating. While the décor is a bit retro, the food is classic, making it easy to forgive the restaurant’s somewhat cheesy name.

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