Bring your own wine restaurants in Halifax

Despite the fabulous wine lists available at so many restaurants in Halifax, sometimes you just know you've already got the perfect pairing for that certain steak or risotto. Halifax won't let you down: from the elegant Onyx to the rustic Morris East, Halifax boasts some delicious "bring your own wine" spots you won't want to miss.

The Bicycle Thief

1475 Lower Water St, Halifax, NS B3J 3Z2

The Bicycle Thief is a bustling, high-energy place on the Halifax Waterfront, full of business people and young professionals with a desire to be seen. The expansive menu is full of classic Italian dishes done very well: the bacon in the carbonara is salty and crisp; the risotto is just creamy enough. On warm days, there's a lovely patio with views across the harbour. Bring your own wine in for $25.

Morris East

5212 Morris St, Halifax, NS B3J 1B4

You will be hard-pressed to choose when you open the menu at Morris East: from arancini balls to ravioli to the Harvest Vegetable Pizza – made with apple basil pesto – everything here appeals. The space is modest, but high ceilings and large windows give it an airy feel. It's $15 per 750 ml bottle when you bring your own wine.

The Brooklyn Warehouse

2795 Windsor St, Halifax, NS B3K 5E3

The Brooklyn Warehouse, located in an old stone home in the North End, has firmly established itself in the galaxy of Halifax destination restaurants with dependably interesting cuisine and a buzzy but intimate dining room. The menu changes daily, but you'll always find something unexpected, like Roasted Haskap Lacquered Guinea Fowl. They are famous for their burger, which you can find at Ace Burger outposts around the city. Wednesday night is BYOB night, with a $1 corkage fee.

EFES Turkish Cuisine

5986 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 1Y7

Spring Garden Road, just below Robie Street, is a budding restaurant row, and one of the most appealing spots on the block is Cafe Istanbul, home to delicious Mediterranean fare. Their yogurt kebab will keep you coming back with its sweet taste and creamy texture, and their perfectly pungent eggplant sauté will seal the deal. With large portions and a corkage fee of only $8, how can you resist?

Edna Restaurant

2053 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS B3K 3B2

Whether you're sitting at the white-tiled bar, at the communal table or in your own private corner in the back, Edna is a feast both for the stomach and the eyes. It's always fun to watch the crowd here as they sip one of the many delicious cocktails or feast on fresh oysters. At $10, the corkage fee is among the least pricey in the city.

Ela Restaurant

215 Chain Lake Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 1C9

If you find yourself in Bayers Lake, look for the inviting, white-walled space of Ela! With its beautiful decor of artificial foliage, you can almost imagine you're on Santorini. The locally sourced food is fresh and delicious – the lamb penne in a red wine peppercorn cream sauce is juicy and tender. Pay the $20 corkage fee, and you can bring in your own bottle to go with it.

The Caesar is a true Canadian classic invented in a Calgary hotel in the 1960s. But this beloved Canuck cocktail is just as popular in Halifax as it is on the Prairies. The vodka flows freely, the Clamato juice is plentiful and there’s lots of pepper to go around. From downtown to the North End, sally forth and seek your perfect Caesar.
Halifax has a healthy food scene, but is still finding its footing with ramen; the selection is limited with stark variations in quality and diversity. Don't despair though – there are some wonderful places that have sprung up in the last few years where you're bound to find ramen to your liking.
Halifax is a town built for eaters and drinkers: Whenever a new spot opens, there's always plenty of interest in and debate around it. In order to hold your own as a restaurant here in Halifax, you have to do something tasty and interesting. This holds especially true for that cherished dish: The salad. All the traditional iterations are here, as well as succulent Cobb versions to citrus Caesar salads.
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