Burger joints in Yorkville for piled-high delights

Yorkville has an upscale reputation but that just means the burgers here are held to a higher standard. Check out these local eateries when your burger cravings strike in Toronto’s toniest neighbourhood.

Burg's Bar And Grill

730 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2B7

This bustling gastropub has three reliable burgers on the menu. There’s an 8 oz charbroiled burger topped with standard greens and optional extras like curry aioli and caramelized onions or a build-your-own version. A vegetarian burger is dressed with fresh guacamole while the chicken breast burger comes topped with greens. If you have a ticket to a show at the nearby Panasonic Theatre, ask about the special menu.

Pilot Tavern

22 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M4W 1J5

At this fun aviation-themed restaurant with an rooftop “flight deck” patio open in good weather, burgers are handmade and specially seasoned. The Pilot Burger is 7 oz of Angus beef, the turkey burger is served extra lean with cranberry mayo and The Hercules delivers a twin-patty payload. Pile on your choices from the selection of cheese and vegetable toppings.

Flo's Diner

70 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1B9

There’s nothing like a good old ’50s-style diner with shakes and floats and a million different toppings for your burgers. Flo’s has beef, ground turkey, chicken, veggie and lamb burgers on the menu and you can add everything from blue cheese to fried onions to make your patty perfect.

Hero Certified Burgers

113-55 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 3L2

Health-conscious meat lovers can enjoy burgers made with range-fed beef, free of growth hormones and antibiotics. There’s also a veggie Soul Burger and a turkey patty option. Not strictly burgers but still served in a bun, there are chicken breast and salmon versions. They can do a gluten-free version for you and they’re up to speed on special diets. If you need to know what’s in your burger, ask, and the knowledgeable staff will be happy to tell you all about the nutritional details.

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