Check out my pad: Authentic Pad Thai in Vancouver

Typically served as a street-food dish in Thailand, Pad Thai has earned top comfort food marks in this Canadian city. Whether served in the atmosphere of a traditional Thai restaurant or as part of a fancy night out, these places are serving Thailand’s favourite noodle dish authentically and deliciously.


1938 4th Avenue W, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5

It may seem a bit odd to order this Thai food-cart staple at one of the more innovative and modern restaurants in Kitsilano, but trust us, you want this Pad Thai. Chef Angus An takes his noodle dish to upscale heights using only the freshest ingredients and sustainable prawns. Dishes at this gorgeously designed restaurant are meant for sharing, but you may just want this plate to yourself. Pair it with one of their intriguing house cocktails and continue your night in style.

Kin Kao Thai Kitchen

903 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3W8

Vancouver was in need of a casual but modern Thai restaurant. Kin Kao, at Commercial and Venables, fits the bill. Fresh, light and airy in both décor and flavour, the small, 25-seat eatery features classic Thai street food dishes, including a truly authentic Pad Thai (called Phat Thai on their menu). Served hot with expertly cooked noodles and a tangy tamarind sauce, you can order it with prawns or chicken or keep it veggie — all versions come with tofu. At $13 (with the add-ins), this is some good value eating in a minimalist yet welcoming room.

Thida Thai Restaurant

1193 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N2

Unassuming and offering service with the perfect balance between friendly, attentive and laid-back, Thida Thai in Davie Village makes their Pad Thai with just the right amount of sauce. Slippery noodles are topped with generous portions of tofu and either chicken or prawn, a sprinkling of bean sprouts and roasted peanuts. Ask for medium spice for a bit of a kick or hot if you’re feeling like a local. Cool everything down with an icy-cold bottle of Singha.

Bob Likes Thai Food

3755 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N8

The eccentric owner behind this bare-bones but clean-lined Main Street restaurant with the straightforward name may take a few culinary risks (Thai poutine, anyone?) but this doesn’t mean he isn’t serious about offering the best of traditional Thai cuisine to his loyal fan base. The Pad Thai in particular, made with authentic tamarind and all the usual fixings, comes hot from the wok with fresh greens and crispy wantons on a very generous plate and is a delicious steal at $13.

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant

4250 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P9

It’s the perfect spice level at this authentic 30-year-old Thai restaurant on Main Street that puts their Pad Thai on this list. Again, they offer two kinds: tamarind and tomato, with the tomato being the sweeter of the two. Thin noodles are coated in a tangy, spicy sauce with zero gloop and studded with cubes of tofu. Dishes are artfully presented with garnishes of carved vegetables and service is cheerful and friendly. This is your best budget bet for excellent Pad Thai.

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