Crazy good sandwiches, Vancouver-style

Why go out for an okay, everyday kind of sandwich when you can live large and feast on some crazy ones? With hundreds of restaurants in Vancouver, it might be hard to pick out the perfect place to chow down, so choose a spot from this list and find your new favourite.

Meat & Bread

1033 Pender St W, Vancouver, BC V6E 2M6

Meat and bread is just what you might expect to find in a sandwich, but these guys definitely kick it up a notch. How about a ciabatta roll piled high with porchetta and crispy pork skin with salsa verde? Or an over-the-top grilled white aged cheddar with shaved red onion? Simple ingredients elevated by care in the cooking and imaginative flavour combinations will have you visiting this sandwich shop time and again. Delicious soups, sides and soft drinks are perfect additions – if you can find room.

Number e Groceteria

1308 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2B7

Sustainable and local ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives – what more can you ask for? The options in this sandwich shop will leave your mind blown with ingredients like alder-smoked bacon, Pemberton beef, rosemary chicken or smoked salmon. You'll find meatloaf sandwiches here that will forever change how you view that dish as well as homestyle soups that will warm you from the inside out.

Harvest Deli

2963 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G9

Fresh artisan breads, quality ingredients and unique combinations make Harvest Deli a shoo-in for this sandwich shop list. The menu is massive, and it may take a while to decide which of its incredible sandwiches you want to try first. Although Harvest Deli is known for piling meat so high that you practically have to unhinge your jaws to take a bite, the shop also has a full section on its menu dedicated to its vegetarian patrons. Be sure to bring along a big appetite.

Pete's Meat Inc

2817 Arbutus St, Vancouver, BC V6J 0E6

You'd be hard-pressed to find meat fresher than that from a deli born from a butcher shop. Pete's Meat is a butcher shop and deli with meats that are free from antibiotics and hormones and are free-range. Not only are you getting top quality, but you are also getting the healthiest versions of meats, cheeses, eggs and more. If you have a healthy appetite, homemade soups and crisp salads are available to add to your meal.

The Meatery

3108 Edgemont Blvd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 2N6

With a slogan emphasizing "from butcher to bun," you know you're getting fresh food when you grab a sandwich at The Meatery. On this menu, you'll find artisan soups, salads, breads and non-medicated meats. If sustainable and local eating are important to you, this will quickly become a favourite spot. Along with an incredible selection of succulent meats, The Meatery has a broad vegetarian sandwich offering, including one with brie, pears and sage brown butter. No, you don't have to be vegetarian to try it out.

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If you are a person that loves a great sandwich piled high with awesome fillings – and who isn’t – you could spend weeks trying to find the best place to get one since there are so many around Ottawa. Or, take the easy route and try one of the crazy good places in this list.
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