Delicious Edmonton delis for every appetite

When you’re craving the world’s biggest sandwich, made with fresh bread, lean meat and firm, fragrant cheeses, you need to seek out the finest delis in the city. These ones offer not only fantastic sandwich fixings, but also a variety of great to-go meals that will satisfy every appetite and budget.

Polonia Sausage & Deli

11828 103 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5G 2J2

This Polish sausage shop serves some of the leanest meats in town, including a delicious kielbasa. They also sell perogies and other sandwich fixings, such as sauerkraut. The Polish sweets are also a great treat here.

The Happy Camel

6404 177 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J5

This Mediterranean deli serves up the best pita bread and hummus in town. Full of flavour and garlicky goodness, this smooth, hearty hummus makes any sandwich about a million times better than it would normally taste. The pita bread is made right there and can be heated up for an easy snack.

Sunbake Pita Bakery

10728 134 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5E 1J8

This spot bakes and serves freshly-made pita flatbreads, cooked in a brick oven onsite. For a quick, cheap lunch treat that still tastes awesome, try the cheese pie, which includes a gooey mess of cheddar, mozza and feta. The meat pie, which has ground beef, tomatoes and a variety of spices is also a favourite. They also serve miniature pita dumplings stuffed with wholesome goodness.

Baltyk Meat Products

10559 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 4K1

This deli has a variety of housemade meat products, including a to-die-for garlic ham sausage. The seasoning is the key to all of their delicious sliced meats, which also play a starring role in their reasonably-priced sandwiches.

Italian Centre Shop Southside

5028 104A St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 6A2

The Italian Centre offers the ultimate gourmet deli experience. The southside location has a massive selection, with cheeses from around the world, cured and smoked meats, stuffed olives, dips and more. There is also plenty of different kinds of bread for making beautiful Italian sandwiches and subs, plus so many gorgeous baked goods. Shopping there is an experience, and one that can take up an entire afternoon, as you sample and sift your way through the entire store.

CareIt Urban Deli Inc

5236 199 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6M 0E4

This cute deli is all about quality, whether it’s their free-range chickens, house made barbecue sauces or custom cuts and marinades. They also offer turkey, beef, prepared sausages, duck eggs, locally grown veggies, gourmet salads and celiac-friendly meals. Entrees range from butter chicken and shepherd’s pie to mac and cheese or turkey chili. They also serve sandwiches, panini and homemade soup.


135-10180 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 3S4

This deli has café-style seating, so you can enjoy your lovely Italian feast to stay or to go. Everything is made fresh in-house, with quality ingredients and no preservatives. The menu includes soups, sandwiches and salads, but also has gourmet items, such as risotto, pasta and flatbread crostini. There’s also a wine bar located by the deli, if you do decide to dine in.

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