Delicious places for night owl eats in Halifax

Halifax loves painting the town red and winding down with a delicious snack before heading home with a full belly. As one of the biggest cities along the eastern coast of Canada, Halifax provides revellers with a terrific variety of night-owl eats, from gorgeous restaurants serving high-end fare to cheerful, casual eateries that exist only to satiate.

Burritto Jax

5215 Blowers St, Halifax, NS B3J 1J5

Burrito Jax is a great place to drop in when the late-night cravings kick in, serving Mexican and Mexican-inspired food to residents of Halifax looking for a spicy, meaty conclusion to the evening. The eatery is a comfortable, no-frills space with energetic red pepper and mustard-coloured walls, designed for an efficient delivery of burrito services. Get the Jax Messy Pork burrito, which is filled with slow-roasted pulled pork doused in their proprietary Jax Pork Sauce.

Freeman's Little New York

6092 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A1

For a taste of New York without the big-city attitude, check out Freeman's Little New York, which is a haven for late-night diners seeking a classy, relaxed atmosphere with stylish, dark wood décor. This spot has been feeding weary Haligonians since 1956, serving hot baked pizza, burgers, pasta and sandwiches, as well as fish and steak dishes. The Freemans Mighty Bleu cheeseburger will wake up your palate, with chunks of blue cheese melting its way through the burger.

Alexandra's Pizza

1263 Queen St, Halifax, NS B3J 3L4

Alexandra's Pizza is all about feeding you the late-night classics, in particular pizza and poutine. Their eatery is a bright, clean space with a few seats that can quickly fill up. Alexandra's Pizza is regularly voted among the best pizza parlours in the city, especially for a late-night slice. Don't sleep on their poutine though – especially their donair poutine, which mixes two late-night classics into a new night-owl staple.

Island Greek

2150 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS B3K 3B4

Despite their relatively tiny spot within the city, Island Greek manages to serve some of the most satiating, big flavour Greek fare. This tan-tiled, late-night counter manages to make room for a few seats, but on busy nights, you might want to plan on the potential of takeout. The donair, served with their own concoction of sweet sauce, will definitely delight. For the Greek experience, however, you should grab a chicken souvlaki on a pita, which comes with their homemade tzatziki sauce on a thick Greek pita.

Lot Six Restaurant&Bar

1685 Argyle, Halifax, NS B3J 2B5

Lot Six is a gorgeous establishment with beautiful exposed brick walls, large windows, comfortable sectional seating and a large, breathtaking atrium. Few places in Halifax offer this type of casual, late-night eating ambience. One of the most notable dishes they serve is buttermilk fried chicken, prepared sous vide, plated with caramelized onion waffle, grilled peach barbecue sauce and white barbecue sauce.

The Middle Spoon

1559 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 1Z7

To indulge your sweet tooth as the clock creeps past midnight, visit The Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar. This space features walls and chairs painted a passionate shade of red, creating a seductive, energetic vibe. In addition to fantastic cocktails and light fare, they have an amazing dessert menu with sinful creations, such as their New York Cheesecake with toppings, such as chocolate, caramel or strawberry sauce, as well as the option of dressing the cheesecake like a peanut butter pie.

When it comes to barbecue and burger restaurants, Haligonians are somewhat spoiled compared to the rest of the Maritime provinces. In addition to southern, slow-cooked fare such as ribs, brisket and pulled pork, Halifax features establishments that go above and beyond to create burgers using outstanding ingredients prepared with original recipes.
There’s lots about Ottawa that shines, but it’s the city’s restaurant scene that really stands out, thanks to its sheer variety of great places to eat. This includes a stellar selection of fish and chips restaurants, ranging from relaxed hangouts to award-winning establishments serving everything from classic English-style to Cajun-hot varieties.
Soup is a versatile dish with countless variations that range from light and spicy to thick and creamy broths brimming with delicious ingredients. Halifax restaurants have plenty of fantastic options for soup, including classic French and seafood soups, as well as ramen and pho, giving you a chance to sample worldwide flavours.
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