Delicious twists on perfect matcha treats in Edmonton

Matcha is a Japanese full leaf tea that’s crushed into a potent caffeine and vitamin rich powder. In recent years, matcha has become not only popular as a drink, but as a flavour enhancer in various foods. It’s got a bitter kick that can be amazing on its own, and when blended with something sweet, creates a memorable balance. [Image credit:i]

Frida Antojitos Mexicanos

12411 Stony Plain Rd Nw, Edmonton, AB T5N 3N3

This shop carries everything needed to make the perfect cup of matcha at home – from the powder to the whisk. But they also offer the chance to have matcha green tea right at the store, and occasionally offer other types of goodies with a matcha twist, including smoothies infused with matcha.

Pinocchio Italian Ice Cream Co Ltd

12814 163 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5V 1K6

Since 1981, Pinocchio Ice Cream has been creating delicious ice cream, sorbet and gelato from scratch for Edmontonians. Crafting the treats from local ingredients whenever possible, Pinocchio also offers a remarkable selection of flavours, including honey matcha ice cream and gelato. Several restaurants in town serve the ice cream, and you can buy it at many retail locations, including the Italian Centre Shops and Careit Urban Deli.

Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant

4121 106 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 2S3

Yokozuna sometimes offers a really unique matcha treat on its menu – matcha tiramisu. Matcha powder is mixed in between the layers of the dessert, along with liqueur that’s also been infused with the tea for slightly bitter and enticing kick.

Whimsical Cake Studio Inc

8211 102 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E 4A5

You can see some of the beautiful handiwork of Whimsical Cake Studio right when you walk in the door. A glass display case shows off cupcakes piled high with icing, and a beautiful cake decorated with ornate flowers, but it’s probably the flavours inside that will be particularly memorable. They even have a matcha buttercream frosting that’ll literally be the icing on your cake.

Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe

8902 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 3V4

Wild Earth Bakery & Café’s five locations offer several cakes that almost look too good to eat – the green tea and ginger cake is one prime example. But, once you sink your fork into this white cake with a green tea Italian buttercream frosting, I’m sure you’ll get over it. The bitter notes of matcha mix well with the sweetness of the cakes and hints of ginger.

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