Discover Quebec City’s best tables at Québec Exquis! 2016

From April 12 to 24, gourmets and foodies of all kinds will flock to Quebec restaurants as part of the sixth edition of food festival Québec Exquis! 2016. For the occasion, 20 chefs are paired with 20 food producers to offer lunch menus ($20) and dinner menus ($40 or $50), balanced with Beaujolais wines. Here are the duos.

Charbon Boucherie2

2959, boul Laurier, QUEBEC, QC G1V 2M2

Associated producer: La Ferme Basque de Charlevoix - This restaurant is about to have its 30th anniversary, but it hasn’t aged a bit! Recently renovated, it always takes its customers on a journey through its menu of worldly inspiration. This time, chef Jean-François Houde is heading to the Basque Country. On the menu: duck tartare with shiitake and Sichuan pepper, and an entrée of scallops and smoked duck gizzards.

Chez Boulay Bistro Boréal

1110, rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC G1R 1S4

Associated producer: Fumoir Saint-Antoine - Chez Boulay is in some ways the cousin of Saint-Amour, but here the kitchen is masterfully led with a boreal flair by the young Arnaud Marchand. For the festival, the chef will prepare cold-smoked salmon using a traditional Native American technique. On the menu: trout tartine and smoked salmon mousse together with arctic char.

Restaurant Le Saint-Amour

48 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Québec, QC G1R 4E2

Associated producer: Laiterie Charlevoix - The reputation of Saint-Amour is second to none, and it certainly lives up to this billing. One of the best tables in town, its cuisine is inspired by French techniques but with a focus on homegrown products, prepared by renowned and friendly chef Jean-Luc Boulay. The festival menu: veal steak with shiitake mushrooms and Hercules cheese crème brûlée.

Bistro Hortus

1190, rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC G1R 1S6

Associated producer: Cidrerie Verger Bilodeau - Chicken and grills have no secrets for chef Stéphane Roth, who adapts conventional rotisserie to gourmet but affordable tastes. On the menu: roast guinea fowl supreme, organic rotisserie chicken with apple mustard sauce, caramel crème brûlée and iced cider.

Restaurant La Fenouillière

3100, ch Saint-Louis, Québec, QC G1W 1R8

Associated producer: La Vinaigrerie du Capitaine - How can we sum up La Fenouillère, a true Quebec institution since 1986, in just a few words? In truth, we can’t. You’ll just have to eat at chef Yvon Godbout’s table to understand. On the menu: albacore tuna carpaccio, Rudy veal medallion, iced parfait.

Monte Cristo L'Original

151 rue des Trois-Manoirs, Lévis, QC G6Z 7S1

Associated producer: Ferme Caprivoix - Some people are wary of hotel restaurants, incorrectly associating them with often lukewarm and uninspired room service. Chef Jean-François Bélair, at the head of the Hotel Le Bonne Entente, will make you rethink your position. On the menu: braised young goat open ravioli, young goat medallions, and tagliatelle with young goat confit.

La Planque Restaurant

1027 3E Av, Québec, QC G1L 2X3

Associated producer: Fumoir Grizzly - Another one showcased on the Chefs!, the talented Olivier Godbout recently arrived as the head of La Planque, a fusion between a neighbourhood bistro and fine dining. On the menu: smoked Coho salmon and fennel relish, salted and seared sockeye salmon, deconstructed date squares.

Le Clocher Penché

203, rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, QC G1K 3B1

Associated producer: Nutra-Fruit - A favourite chef of more than a few foodies, Mathieu Brisson and his brigade from the Clocher Penché, a bistro staple in Quebec, will be working with wide range of products made from cranberries. On the menu: venison terrine with cranberries and foie gras espuma, pork shoulder confit, and white pudding with cranberries.

Bistro B

1144, av Cartier, Québec, QC G1R 2S5

Associated producer: Les Viandes biologiques de Charlevoix - François Blais’ open-kitchen bistro draws crowds, and for good reason. He has trained many talented young chefs during his career and maintains his outstanding reputation as a chef. On the menu: old-fashioned stuffed chicken ballotine, soft polenta croquette with Damien chorizo, Bistro B hot chicken, melted chocolate terrine.

Restaurant L'Échaudé

73, rue du Sault-Au-Matelot, Québec, QC G1K 3Y9

Associated producer: Élevages Turlo - Chef Jean-François Girard has worked with the greatest chefs in town, and has made a name for himself running the Échaudé bar, another institution with impressive longevity. On the menu: roasted scallops and piglet flank lacquered with spices and mead, piglet square with peppery green alder, pork ribs and red cabbage salad with apple.

Restaurant Louis-Hébert

668, Grande Allée E, Québec, QC G1R 2K5

Associated producer: Aliksir, Huiles essentielles - Head chef Hervé Toussaint has led this market kitchen since 1983, and is sure to rise to the challenge of working with the herbs and oils of the boreal forest. On the menu: balsam fir salmon confit, Labrador tea roasted duck breast, and yogurt custard with bergamot.


395, rue de la Couronne, Québec, QC G1K 7X4

Associated producer: Naturoney - In the restaurant of the hotel TRYP / Wyndham (known as the Pur), chef François Privé abandons his famous tapas menu for a more classic formula to accommodate the NATURONEY honey and its derivatives. On the menu: veal loin with mead sauce and foie gras, pork flank glazed with honey and soy, honey sponge cake and peach compote.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

1 rue des Carrières, QUEBEC CITY, QC G1R 4P5

Associated producer: Fromagerie des Grondines - Freshly renovated, this great Fairmont Le Château Frontenac restaurant will receive a visit from Grondines cheeses, and chef Stéphane Modat will have fun working with the creativity and talent that he is known for. On the menu: crispy Deschambault cheese and salmon belly jerky, Nagano pork tenderloin in herb crust, and warm almond and cardamom financier cake.

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