Eat out with the whole family in Victoria

Do you have kids in tow but still want to dine out in Victoria? Even the best-behaved youngsters do better in family-friendly restaurants where no one is judging your fussy toddler. Fortunately, the city is full of great places to eat where everyone is welcome and the food is terrific.

Prima Strada Pizzeria

105-230 Cook St, Victoria, BC V8V 3X3

If you have picky eaters in your family, a pizzeria is a good bet. Who doesn’t enjoy pizza? Kids will be happy with a simpler version, while parents will enjoy the gourmet options on the menu and the high-quality crust. And if you can’t stick around because a little one is about to melt down, there’s take-out.


735 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 1L6

Run by a family with children, this restaurant is definitely family-friendly. The burrito is a popular choice, with handmade refried beans and tasty veggie mixes. Central American tacos are also on the menu, along with a range of other tasty options. The owners are from El Salvador, so you’re getting the real deal here. Just keep in mind that they accept cash only.

Crumsby's Cafe

2509 Estevan Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 2S6

A cupcake café already sounds like a good match for the little ones, but Crumsby’s takes that a step further. With kid-friendly furniture, toys and a play area, children might not even notice the cupcakes. There’s also a children’s menu that includes a plate of assorted fruit for your little ones to munch on while you enjoy the sugary cupcakes.

Canoe Brewpub

450 Swift St, Victoria, BC V8W 1S3

For the family that enjoys eating in more elegant restaurants, Canoe Club is a great option. It offers high chairs and kid’s activities, as well as a terrific menu for the little ones. While parents dig into lager mussels, rosemary chicken wings and beer-braised chicken, children enjoy beef sliders or cheese pizza from the kids' menu, or grilled chicken with fries.

Red Fish Blue Fish

1006 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T4

When a restaurant is named after a Dr. Seuss book, you can assume that it is family-friendly. This café is essentially an upgraded fish and chips place, ideal for kids and grown-ups alike. From tempura-battered cod and halibut to grilled salmon with chips to jerk fish poutine, everyone will find something to like on the menu.

Floyd's Diner

866 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 1L8

With the friendly atmosphere and good food at this diner, you can’t go wrong. The portions are huge, so you can either share with the younger members of the family or order half portions. While the food is not innovative, it is delicious and well done. You can expect to wait in line if you go on a Sunday morning.

Sally Bun

1030 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8V 3K4

Even the pickiest eaters usually enjoy bread, and Sally Bun offers a wide range of baked goods to entice your children. There are actual meals on the menu as well, including hamburgers, curry and tuna salad, which should appeal to most people in the family, Many of the buns are baked with the fillings already inside for a handy, hand-held snack.

Jasmine Family Restaurant

1752 Island Hwy, Victoria, BC V9B 1H8

Notable for its big blue awning, this restaurant offers food that tastes like home. Since it serves breakfast all day, it should be simple to find something for the little ones in the family, while everyone else will drool over the tasty comfort foods that have made Jasmine’s a popular choice for Victoria’s diners.

John's Place Restaurant

723 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8W 1N9

The atmosphere in this quirky restaurant is one that appeals to old and young alike. The walls are covered with photos and big windows to look out of, keeping the kids busy. Adults will enjoy chili, burritos and spring rolls, while kids can choose from kid-friendly menu items like pizza, chicken strips and grilled cheese.

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