Edmonton's favourite first date restaurants

Between deciding what to wear, how to act and what to say, first dates can be nerve-wracking experiences. It can be as terrifying as it is exciting to take someone out the first time; the last thing you need is for your choice of restaurant to be a flop. Choose one of these top first-date dining options so you'll have one less thing to worry about.

97 Hot Pot

10602 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2L6

This is the best place to go if you love hot pot. Fresh, flavourful food and a welcoming ambiance makes this a smart choice for a casual first date. The restaurant has a huge selection of soups and veggies that you can pick from. And, if you or your date have never been before, new experiences are wonderful bonding activities for couples!

Bottega Italian Kitchen Bar Off Whyte

10335 83 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E 2C6

For laidback but elegant ambiance to put both of you at ease, a visit to Packrat Louie is always a safe bet. The menu elevates classic comfort foods with wood-fired pizzas and perfectly prepared steaks. You can share a side of the Meat Board, or indulge in dishes like the Nashville Hot Chicken. The food here will surprise and delight your palate by combining flavours in a way you wouldn’t expect.

Guru Fine Indian Cuisine

17021 100 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1T9

Spicy and tasty Indian food will certainly start the conversation with your date, as long as they can handle the heat. Butter chicken and samosas are always good, but if you’re looking to try something new, this is the place to do it. With contemporary décor and great service, Guru Fine Indian Restaurant is a great place to bond over good food on a first date.

Corso Thirty Two

10345 Jasper Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y5

If Italian food is more up your alley, it’s hard to go wrong with Corso 32. The dishes are fantastic and they’re plated by the masters. You will need to reserve a table in advance, but it’s well worth it. This small, intimate restaurant is the perfect way to get to know your date over some delicious handmade tonnarelli pasta

The Creperie

111-10220 103 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Y8

This French restaurant offers a feeling of style and elegance, but it won’t break your dinner budget. With the title of Edmonton's Most Romantic Restaurant under its belt and candles flickering in intimate dining spaces, this spot is the perfect backdrop for a successful first date. The menu offers something for everyone, with gluten-free options and vegetarian delights. They even offer a special Valentine’s menu.

Leelicious Thai

9108 112 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6G 2C5

If you and your date are craving something spicy and unusual, Thai Orchid is one of Edmonton's best spots for a creamy green curry or Pad Thai. Made from family recipes, the menu items here include chicken satay, coconut rice and plenty of curries. Don’t be put off by the unassuming exterior; the inside is wonderful and the food is even better.

Three Boars Eatery

8424 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 1E2

The homey, relaxed feel makes this the perfect spot to calm your nerves. It’s an intimate setting with yummy dishes that are globally-inspired but made with local ingredients. The snacks and aptly named “rabbit food” are a lot of veggies done right and the mains cover different flavours and meats. And, since the menu changes daily, you’ll be in for a surprise no matter how often you go.

The Marc Restaurant

9940 106th Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 2N2

If you’re looking for elegance, this French restaurant has it, but skip it if your date is a vegetarian. Salads and escargots can get you started, but the entrees take things up a notch, with delicious scallops and pork sausage. The sophisticated black-and-taupe décor is sure to impress and, if you need a conversation starter, you can always mention that the bar is made from reclaimed marble from the CN tower.

On a cold, snowy Edmonton night, nothing says lovin’ like a cup of hot chocolate. It’s no surprise this drink was originally dubbed the “elixir of the gods.” Regardless of the variety you select, or whether you opt for the simplest hot chocolate on the menu, all I can say is ... don’t forget the marshmallows.
You don’t have to travel to Paris to have a true fine-dining experience; you can enjoy an upscale dinner, complete with a five-course meal and fine wine, right here at home. Victoria is a fine-dining destination with an excellent reputation – where talented chefs enjoy crafting delicious gourmet dishes from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Paired with a nice cup of coffee or topped with a scoop of ice cream, pie is unbeatable comfort food. And yet it faces stiff competition from cupcakes as the city’s dessert of choice. Well, pie is fighting back with old fashioned deliciousness as well as new and tantalizing flavours.
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