Edmonton’s hotspots for hummus

Hummus, a blend of chickpeas and tahini, is an iconic Mediterranean dish that pretty much everyone needs to experience. It’s almost always paired with fresh pita bread and explosive flavour. So, if you want to find a literal slice of the Mediterranean but can’t escape the city, make your way to any of the places on this list and let your taste buds take their dream vacation. [Image credit: iStock.com/Anna Pustynnikova]

Al Salam Bakery Deli & Restaurant

3-10141 34 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6J8

Al Salam handles the classic hummus and pita, which is great in flavour, portion-size, and price – but that’s not all. They have the added bonus of being a deli, which means you hummus-lovers-on-the-go can pop in for a second, pick up a heap of hummus, and race back out again. But, if you feel like you’ve got a few minutes to spare, feel free to take a seat and order shawarma or kebob platter with ample sides of rice, garlic dip, fatoush salad, and – of course – hummus and fresh pita bread.

Sofra Turkish Restaurant & Wine Cellar

108-10345 106 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5J 1H8

The sign outside the restaurant reads “Authentic Turkish Cuisine,” and that description could not be more accurate. Sofra receives consistent reviews raving about the warm space, the relaxing wine cellar and the smell of garlic that lulls patrons into a calm sense of security before their palates are ravaged with flavour (in the best way possible). Be sure to precede any meal with Sofra’s delicious hummus served with fresh flat-baked pita bread.

La Shish Taouk

Hummus. Hummus everywhere. They’ve got it in salad. They’ve got it in platters. Get it as an appetizer with the ever-classic pita bread. Smother a kebab with it. Smother it with chicken or beef shawarma, if you’re feeling frisky. And, cap off your evening with shisha from the hookah bar while enjoying live music. La Shish Taouk will not disappoint.

Koutouki Restaurant

10719 124 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 0H2

Koutouki Taverna may only be open for dinner in the evenings, but in those few hours a day, they pack in plenty of flavourful Greek cuisine dining experiences. The restaurant looks like it’s been plucked right off a Mediterranean coastline, with its classic architecture and iconic blue and white palettes, and the food has that same authentic look (and taste), as well. Although Koutouki only has one hummus option (the classic chickpea and tahini dip with pita bread), the price and flavour of the appetizer still make Koutouki a great destination in the search for delectable hummus.

It’s surprisingly easy to find a delicious, authentic samosa in Edmonton – as long as you know where to look. Here’s a non-exhaustive list to get you started on a mouth-watering quest to find the perfect samosa. Try them all. Compare your notes. Let your taste buds guide you.
As the first frost wrestles autumn out of the city, it’s time to buckle down into another classic Canadian winter. You’ve got to get winter tires on, start piling blanket scarves over the three knit sweaters stuffed under your parka and prepare for dark rides to work and dark rides back home. And, what better way to cope with it all than burying yourself in all the Canadian delicacies Edmonton has to offer?
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