Edmonton shops with clothes for lanky lads

If you’re over six feet tall, chances are you have a few go-to replies in your back pocket, like your exact height and whether you play basketball. But, do you have a good place to grab clothes? There’s a few places in Edmonton that can help.


2401-8882 170 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2

Edmontonians rejoiced when this Quebec-based chain finally made its way out west, and for good reason. There isn’t much Simons doesn’t carry in every price range. The best part? It has tall sizes, especially in its house brand, Le 31. If you take a 36 inseam, you can find jeans, dress pants or casual khakis. Need a dress shirt with long arms? There are tall sizes, so at least when you’re towering over the group photo, you look sharp.

Addetto Men's Wear King Size Fashions

3156 Parsons Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1L6

Hidden away on the south side, this Edmonton staple has been catering to bean poles and basketball players alike for years. It recognizes that everyone has a unique size, and even has a tailoring service available to make its clothes work for you. If you’re hitting the links, the boardroom or both, Adetto has something for you from head to toe. There are even giant socks, if you need foot covers or something to hold 100 small Christmas gifts.

Mr.Big & Tall Menswear

17038 90th Ave, Edmonton, AB T5T 1L6

Yeah, “big” comes first, but don’t let that stop you from stopping by one of this chain’s two Edmonton locations. If you’re tired of slouching so your shirts don’t look like belly shirts, there are shirts of all types, from polos and button-ups to graphic tees, in dozens of sizes. Pants fitting like MC Hammer’s? Let them know and they’ll do their best to make them fit.

Frank & Oak

1820-8222 170th Street, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2

Just because you were blessed with a long torso doesn’t mean you should be condemned to not being fashionable. Don’t settle; check out Frank & Oak a couple steps north of Whyte Ave. It has modern shirts in tall sizes and pants up to a 36, for all those dudes who want to look like a taller Kerouac.

Kingsport Big & Tall Clothiers

2049-8882 170 Street, Edmonton, AB T5T 3J7

Another with “big” in the name, but there is plenty here for the tall fella who actually reads the Men’s Health fashion section. As the (undeniably pretentious) name suggests, it’s a boutique retailer, so expect to spend a little more for higher-end names. But hey, it’s worth it for clothes that fit — including made-to-measure suits, wardrobe consultations, tailoring, and delivery.

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Nobody finds clothes easily, but it’s a wild journey for those of above average height, especially if you’re a lady. Lucky for the long-legged lasses around Edmonton, there are a few great options.
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