Edmonton shops with jewellery worthy of a queen

A true party princess is basically naked without some stunning jewellery. Whether you go for the real jewels (your highness) or fake it with some awesome pieces, you should never leave for a party with naked ears or an empty neck. These Edmonton stores sell jewellery worth its weight in compliments.

Kate Spade

2850-8882 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2

This American beauty arrived at West Edmonton Mall in 2014 and life will surely never be the same. No longer a plane ride away, you can enter the elegant boutique and take your time deciding which bracelet will look best with your new cocktail dress. Their rose gold collections are stunning, as are their more traditional branded looks, like their spade earrings. Only arm yourself with some of their sweet, sweet bling if you can handle wearing fab jewellery and endless compliments at any party.

Orange Avocado

Edmonton, AB T5J 2G8

This local jewellery designer creates gorgeous pieces that you simply must show off at every party you drop by this holiday season. Rose gold love knot bracelets, delicate earrings, long necklaces – all the better to decorate your fab self with, my dear. Her pieces are unique, meaning you’ll always look like the unique snowflake that you are, instead of looking like you copied your co-worker’s style.

The Plaid Giraffe

10340 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z8

Pick one pair of sparkly earrings (preferably dangling, but that’s negotiable, depending on how you wear your hair when you go out on the town), one necklace that you know will work with the neckline of your favourite party dress and one gleaming bracelet that you can wear to draw attention to yourself even with your coat on. Done!


2154-8882 170 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2

While most of their jewellery selection tends to dip towards the big and bold, “accent” piece style, they also have little diamonds in the rough – dainty earrings, like the amazing gold and pearl wishbone studs I picked up here. Whether you want subtle and sweet for an elegant cocktail party or a “notice me!” necklace for a party with 400 of your closest neighbours, you can find something here that will take your breath away and earn you the compliments of your jealous co-partiers.

Red Ribbon Gifts Inc

B-12520 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 0M3

Their jewellery tends to be funky, offbeat and charming in a bohemian, hippie kind of way. It’s a great selection for those who plan on wearing a simple dress to a party and need to spice things up with their chokers and earrings. But, they also have a small selection of delicate but beautiful necklace and earring sets that are super reasonably priced but lovely – the teensiest gold stars, half-moons and hearts on dainty chains. So perfect for any dress that doesn’t want to compete with your jewels.

Harlow Crestwood

9676 142 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 4B2

The jewellery section here isn’t huge but it is full of cool designers and local gems. When I want everyone to guess where my earrings are from, I put on a pair from Harlow. The store’s small selection works in your favour, because it makes your awesome goods exclusive.

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