Edmonton spots with desserts good enough to eat for dinner

Life is short, which probably means that you should eat dessert for dinner at least once in your life. I mean, if you can eat cake for breakfast, who says that you can’t have dessert for dinner? Either way, these places will keep your sweet tooth in check whether you choose to eat them during the day or at night. [Photo: Moxie’s white chocolate brownie]

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

10421 82 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A1

If a dessert has the word “Nutella” in it, I’m pretty much sold on it. The Nutella Pizza at Famoso is no exception, and it’s probably my kryptonite – meaning I have to order it every time I’m there. There’s something about the warm, melted Nutella, sandwiched in between bread and topped with whipped cream and caramel that I just can’t resist! If you want to up decadence factor for this dessert, try adding banana to it – it won’t disappoint!

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

8020 105th St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4Z4

I have to admit, I never thought of The Keg as a place for good dessert, but when I tried the crème brulee, my reaction was: “Holy crap, this is good!” There is just something about custard that I love – maybe it’s because it’s comforting. But, even if that isn’t the case, The Keg does an excellent job at helping me sooth my wounds with their creamy, rich crème brulee. You should try it!

XIX Terwillegar

5940 Mullen Way NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 0S9

Their apple cinnamon tart has to be one of my favourites, simply because it is a classic, homey dessert that makes me feel all warm and cozy inside (apples and cinnamon tend to have that effect on me). And, the fact that the apples are baked into a flaky tart and paired with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream just puts me over the moon. This is a dessert I will not share with you - ever.

Moxie's Grill & Bar

4790 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 5Z4

This list would not be complete without mentioning the classic white chocolate brownie from Moxie’s. I used to eat this dessert when I was a child, and I still eat it now. It’s that good. A warm white chocolate brownie with two scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream - what could be better? I’d recommend extra spoons for sharing if you’re the generous kind.

Corso Thirty Two

10345 Jasper Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y5

There are many chocolate tortes out there but none are as good as the one from Corso 32. This dark chocolate flourless dessert is both light and decadent, and is served with crunchy hazelnuts on top. It’s perfect for those who love chocolate and Nutella and want the best of both worlds.


11053 86th Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 0X1

I think we can all agree that the best thing about carrot cake is the cream cheese icing, not the carrots. When you get a slice of carrot cake from Leva, you do not get one, two or even three layers of cream cheese - you get FOUR! It has a quadruple layer of creamy goodness sandwiched in between moist carrot cake and topped with pecans. This dessert is lovely!

Zinc Restaurant

2 Sir Winston Churchill Sq NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 2C1

For years, I was never a believer in bread pudding – I thought, “Who eats bread for dessert?” and always chose chocolate over it. That was until I was served the banana bread pudding from Zinc at a Christmas party, where I ate not one, but two of them! The soft, creamy texture of this dessert coupled with the flavour of banana was wonderful, and a truly magical experience!

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