Edmonton stores with new kinds of workout equipment to try

Even if you don’t love working out, chances are you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to do it more often. Make it interesting for yourself by trying some of the workout gear available at these Edmonton fitness stores - no gym membership required.

Elevate Activewear

14251 23 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 3E7

This store sells a variety of stylish workout clothes and equipment. One of their best deals is the TPE eco yoga mat. These lightweight, fully reversible mats repel moisture, bacteria and odour through their closed cell construction – meaning moisture can’t penetrate the mat’s surface. They offer 5 mm of cushioning to protect your joints and they’re longer than a conventional yoga mat, too, but are easy to carry. The hypoallergenic material won’t bother your sensitive skin while you’re in child’s pose. Plus, they are biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable.

Pilates EQ

8750 58 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E 6G6

When you can't make it to the Pilates EQ studio for your workout, you can bring your workout home with their cool supplies, like Dunlop sport squash balls. These little balls come in handy for more than just squash – they’re used by practisers of Pilates to relieve tension in hands and feet. Pilates EQ sells these balls because they are just the right size and firmness for massaging pressure points along hands and feet, plus they are inexpensive.

United Cycle

7620 Gateway Blvd Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E 4Z8

This store sells equipment for a variety of sports. A sure bet for your running workout is the Pearl Izumi X-Project 2.0 MTB shoes. They not only look cool, but also will help up your athletic game. They’re suitable for walking, running and cycling, and are very supportive. They’re well-ventilated and the heels have EVA foam heel pads to provide maximum cushioning for your tired, aching feet. They have really good grip to provide extra traction but the shoes themselves aren’t too heavy.

Mike Loves Bike

This bike shops sells a variety of new and used bikes, like the Verza Regency women’s bike. You’ve never seen anything like it before – its frame is based on traditional Dutch bikes and is designed for actual comfort. The step-through steel frame allows you to hop on with ease and ride about town looking like exercise is no big deal for you.

Luckis Exercise Equipment

9309 106A Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 0S6

One of their most popular items for home exercise is the pro grade kettlebells. Get your hands on a sweet set of kettle bells to build up some serious back and shoulder muscles. They are colour-coded, so you can get a variety of weights or work your way up from black (8 kg) to white (40 kg). Kettlebells are a really great way to workout at home, because you can move the equipment around wherever you need it to be and put it away when you’re not working out.

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