Enjoy Taco Week 2017 in Montreal

Taco Week is back in Montreal, and we’re happy to enjoy a second serving! This year’s mission carries over from last year: letting  you discover tacos for less than $10 at one of the many participating restaurants. Chicken tandoori, marinated pork, grilled octopus... you have a week to try them all! Here are some of the establishments that await you from October the 21th to the 28th.

El Gordo

2518, rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H3J 1N5

This South-West restaurant offers El Loco Pollo, a taco made with homemade fried chicken, cabbage salad with smoked bacon, jalapeño ranch sauce, and a refreshing topping of fresh coriander. $9

El Zaziummm

1276, av Laurier E, Montréal, QC H2J 1H1

Head to this colourful restaurant on the Plateau to taste the El Tampico, a taco filled with white fish breaded with beer and Panko and sprinkled with Cajun spices. Top it all off with cheese, red cabbage salad, sliced carrots and a spicy homemade mayonnaise. $5 or $8 (for 2)

John Michaels Resto-Bar

458, Place Jacques-Cartier, Montréal, QC H2Y 3B3

Nothing’s better than visiting the Old Port and trying the El Pulpo taco, made with grilled octopus marinated in a homemade sauce, with red onions, avocado, small tomatoes, lime and coriander. $10 (for 2)

Restaurant La Selva

862, rue Marie-Anne E, Montréal, QC H2J 2A9

Here you’ll find the Tacochinita, a corn tortilla with guajillos peppers and chapulin powder underneath pork covered with green sauce (avocados, coriander and habanero chili), onions, chopped coriander, marinated onions and... a slice of fried foie gras. Mmmmm. $6

Restaurant Super Tacos

500, rue Bélanger, Montréal, QC H2S 1G4

Located just steps from the Jean-Talon metro station, indulge yourself at this tiny, unpretentious restaurant with the Pastor taco, made of pork marinated in chili sauce with spices and pineapple! $5 (for 4)

Tacos Frida

4350 rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H4C 2W6

When in the South-West be sure to try Taco Fridas’ Baja-style fish taco, made with breaded tilapia and served with a mixture of pico de gallo (tomatoes, coriander, lime) topped with a chipotle mayonnaise sauce. $6.25 (for 2)

Triple B

4225 rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H4C 1R4

For residents of the South Shore or Montrealers who aren’t afraid of bridges, head over to Boucherville’s Triple B (as in bite, bar, brunch) for their Tandoori-style fried chicken taco. Fried chicken is placed in a soft corn taco along with chili and lemon sauce. $10 (for two)

La Tamalera

226, av Fairmount O, Montréal, QC H2T 2M7

Grab a seat and try the tongue Abodaba steamed tacos. Picture three steamed tacos stuffed with smoked chillies, marinated beef tongue and potatoes confit. Next, they pour raw green sauce on top and voilà! ($10 for three)

T&T Tacos And Tortas

51 rue Rachel O, Montréal, QC H2W 1G2

This friendly little Plateau establishment is celebrating Taco Week with carnitas. Think tender pork shoulder and pork confit, hence the name! Pull up to one of their wooden tables and benches and enjoy. ($9 for three tacos)

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