Far out French fries in Calgary

What makes for a perfect French fry? Whether you prefer thick-cut, shoe-strings or extra crispy, great burger joints and upscale restaurants alike know that a tasty plate of fries is just as important as the sandwich they’re meant to accompany. Here’s a list of Calgary eateries that make French fries the star of the show.

Charbar Restaurant Inc

618 Confluence Way Se, Calgary, AB T2G 0G1

The Argentine-influenced, sit-down restaurant in the Simmons Building in the East Village is known for its juicy cuts of beef, which are complemented perfectly with a side of fries fried to optimum crispness in beef fat. For extra indulgence, order a side of spicy aji picante aioli for dipping.

The Palomino Smokehouse

109 7 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0W5

Dripping with rock ‘n’ roll swagger and laid-back attitude, this barbecue joint and music venue is best known for its eye-popping meat platters, but it’s also a great place for sitting down for a mid-day pint of beer and a helping of fries. If you don’t need to impress someone with your breath later in the day, opt for the garlic fries, which are indeed, very garlicky.

Clive Burger

736 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B7

This clean, hip burger restaurant is simple in both design and menu – the room features a central counter and a few tables (as well as a small sidewalk patio in summer), and the menu offers burgers, smokies, custard shakes and fries. The fries can be poutined, but they’re just as good on their own, especially when you dip them in Clive’s signature Clive Sauce.

Burger 320

814 1 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0C1

With only 320 square feet of space, Burger 320 may not be roomy, but this glorified food stand’s fresh brisket burgers are among the best in the city. The fries are nothing to sneeze at either – fry lovers may be tempted to skip the burger altogether and make a meal out of a large order of the ultra-savory Parmigiano garlic fries.

Blue Star Diner

809 1 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0C2

Located in Inglewood, this neighbourhood diner specializing in fresh, locally grown food frequently has a lineup, but everything from its hearty brunch plates to crunchy fried chicken burger makes it well worth the wait. The fries are delicious and home-cut, but the cult-favourite side here is the flavourful yam fries, which can be substituted for the regular option for a small cost.

Nainas Kitchen

121 17 Ave Se, Calgary, AB T2G 1H3

A folksy little spot in Ramsay, Naina’s has won accolades for its huge stuffed burgers, but the home-made fries are also a winner. Thick cut with the skin on (so, definitely made from real potatoes!), Naina’s fries are well seasoned and suitably crispy.

Peters' Drive-In

219 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 1J9

In accordance with old-school, drive-in style, Peters’ fries are served in big boxes, meant to be shared (it takes a large family to get through a “family size” order). While not the crispiest in town, there’s a nostalgic je ne sais quoi about Peters’ fries, and they taste even better if you eat them on the picnic benches in the iconic drive-in’s parking lot.


With all of the creative small plates on this hip Irish-inspired restaurant’s menu, it almost feels silly to “waste” a dish on an order of fries, but its double-dipped duck fat fries with Parmesan and truffles are not your typical frites. Make sure you do, however, save some room for one (or two) of Cleaver’s signature cocktails.

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