Fast food trucks to indulge at this summer in Edmonton

The food truck scene in Edmonton has only gotten better over the last few years. And, what with us being the city known for its numerous festivals, there is no better venue than outdoors to pig out and enjoy some delicious food from the food trucks on a beautiful summer day. This short list is only few of many delicious trucks to choose from! [Image credit:]

Bully (Food Truck)

Edmonton, AB T5J 2G8

Bully Food Truck is one of my favourite food trucks in Edmonton. They’ve been around since 2012, and have been doing it right. AAA Alberta Beef, pork and bacon, topped with their signature six-cheese Bully Mac? Sign me up for that. This is what they call their Bully Bomb and it does not disappoint. Along with the Bully Bomb, they also have sliders, burgers and more!

Drift (Food Truck)

Edmonton, AB T5M 2G3

Drift comes to us by the former owners of Dovetail Delicatessen (which is unfortunately closed). But, don’t worry! The same owners continue to operate the amazing Drift Food Truck. They have amazing sandwiches that come with great sauces. You can also buy their Drift Ketchup and Drift Spice in jars to take home!

Sailin' On (Food Truck)

Edmonton, AB T6X 1J9

One thing about Sailin’ On that separates it from all of the other food trucks in Edmonton is that it is the only vegan food truck! A lot of the times when you go to festivals (or any kind of event for that matter), there’s a lack of options for people who are vegan inclined. Sailin’ On offers a menu that is not only vegan-friendly, but delicious as well! Definitely check them out!

Aurafine Foods Inc

10560 114 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3J7

Fat Franks is like the OG of food trucks. You’ve probably seen at least one of these trucks or stands around, either around the university campuses, at the mini dog house on Whyte Avenue, or at one of the farmers’ market. As fancy as you can get with food trucks, sometimes nothing really beats a good old fashioned hot dog.

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