Fill up with a hearty burrito in Victoria

Burritos are one of those foods that can be truly great when they're done right, and there are a number of places in Victoria that have things dialled in on the burrito front. From beans to chicken and everything in between, those tortilla bundles make the perfect meal-on-the-go. Check out this list of burrito hotspots to find your favourite.


735 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 1L6

When you want a good burrito, you know a Latino restaurant is a good place to be, and Hernande'z doesn't disappoint. Try the Classic, stuffed with black beans, salsa and yellow rice, or go for the zucchini burrito, made with slow-cooked squash. As a bonus, both options are vegan.

Tacofino Restaurant

760 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8W 0E4

Despite the name, Tacofino also serves up some seriously good burritos. Starting from a now legendary food truck in Tofino, we're now lucky enough to have access to Tacofino's amazing food here without having to head across the island. Try the crispy chicken burrito, and ask for extra hot sauce to take it to the next level.

La Taquisa

120-176 Wilson St, Victoria, BC V9A 7N6

This tiny little eatery is standing room only, but that's okay because the fantastic food will occupy all your attention. You might find the menu to be limited in actual items, but that's misleading as you can customize everything on the menu. Keep it vegetarian, or add some meat; pick your heat level, or keep it simple. You'll have the perfect burrito in no time.

Taco Justice League

1580 Cook St, Victoria, BC V8T 3N8

Taco Justice is actually a food truck that features a menu full of whimsical foods named after superheroes. While the tacos are the main event here, any taco filling can be turned into a burrito with the addition of a tortilla. If it's your first time, make sure to ask for the Green Bastard; don't forget to get up close and personal with that amazing deep-fried avocado.

Shine Cafe

1548 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8S 5J2

Burritos aren't always a lunch item. If you're hankering for a breakfast burrito, you'll find it here. The soft tortilla is filled with scrambled eggs, cheese and caramelized onions for a gourmet start off your day. You can also choose a side to go with your breakfast; hash browns are the perfect accompaniment.

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