Find finger-licking good barbecue joints in Ottawa

Ottawa has a great barbecue scene that includes terrific establishments offering Southern barbecue, Texas barbecue, Korean barbecue and many other types of savoury goodness. Regardless of the flavor you seek, you'll be able to find a place in Ottawa that satiates your desire for smoky, spicy, carnivorous cuisine that melts in your mouth.

The Smoque Shack

129 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5T4

Specializing in the preparation of mouth-watering meat through spice, smoke and flame, The Smoque Shack offers a diverse array of barbecue fare. You can get a full rack of honey-chipotle baby back ribs, pulled pork by the pound or Jamaican style jerk barbecue food. Featured on “You Gotta Eat Here!,” the Smoque Shack has elegant diner décor that lets the flavour create the ambience.

D & S Southern Comfort Bbq

6501 Russell Rd, Carlsbad Springs, ON K0A 1K0

As advertised, D&S Southern Comfort B.B.Q. focuses on classic Southern barbecue flavors, glistening meat and unapologetically large portions. In addition to the usual ribs, wings and burgers, you can try the armadillo egg, which has a savoury smoky flavor. D&S is a large, cavernous place that can easily get boisterous as guests become more and more intoxicated with barbecue meat.

YKO Chicken BBQ

375 McArthur Ave, Ottawa, ON K1L 6N5

If you're looking for something other than the usual pork and beef barbecue menu, check out YKO Chicken BBQ, which specialized in other delicious meats. One of the more interesting dishes they have is the barbecue goat, which is prepared according to your spice preferences, ranging from mild to extra hot. Located a bit east of the Rideau River and north of St. Laurent Centre, YKO Chicken BBQ is a friendly, relaxed environment with fast service.

Urban Cowboy Eats

4456 Limebank Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 2N8

After their food truck made them enough money to open a brick-and-mortar joint, the folks at Urban Cowboy set up shop south of the airport. They trace their routes back to when the Ottawa Roughriders were one of two Canadian football teams. The Belcher Burger – which consists of smoked brisket with pickle and onion on a potato bun – has been a fan favourite for decades. The new restaurant has décor that expresses their Texan roots while maintaining a friendly, open vibe.

Fatboys Southern Smokehouse

34 Murray St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5M4

Named after a Harley Davidson, Fatboys Southern Smokehouse has a friendly biker vibe inspired by the owner's 1,000-mile road trip that included stops in the South. Shawn Dawson brought back the flavour of the Southern states, opening this outstanding Southern barbecue eatery. The Pig Pen Special is for the barbecue pork lover who can’t decide between ribs and pulled pork, offering a half rack of ribs and a quarter pound of pulled pork.

Koreana Restaurant

711 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 6P5

For something other than a traditional North American barbecue experience, check out Koreana Restaurant, which offers Korean-style barbecue. Rather than wait for the food to arrive cooked, the meat is seasoned, marinated and prepared for you to barbecue at your table. This particular Korean barbecue house has a cozy atmosphere great for chatting while everyone barbecues around the communal heat.

When it comes to barbecue and burger restaurants, Haligonians are somewhat spoiled compared to the rest of the Maritime provinces. In addition to southern, slow-cooked fare such as ribs, brisket and pulled pork, Halifax features establishments that go above and beyond to create burgers using outstanding ingredients prepared with original recipes.
Halifax loves painting the town red and winding down with a delicious snack before heading home with a full belly. As one of the biggest cities along the eastern coast of Canada, Halifax provides revellers with a terrific variety of night-owl eats, from gorgeous restaurants serving high-end fare to cheerful, casual eateries that exist only to satiate.
There’s lots about Ottawa that shines, but it’s the city’s restaurant scene that really stands out, thanks to its sheer variety of great places to eat. This includes a stellar selection of fish and chips restaurants, ranging from relaxed hangouts to award-winning establishments serving everything from classic English-style to Cajun-hot varieties.
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