Follow your sweet tooth to Victoria’s best cupcakes

Deliciously sweet and perfectly sized, the cupcake has risen in the bakery ranks to become one of today's most desired desserts. No longer content with simply chocolate or vanilla flavours, cupcakes come in almost limitless varieties these days. Treat yourself, or someone you love, to a perfect portion of decadence with a cupcake from one of these Victoria favourites.

Ooh La La Cupcakes

1391A Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 2B3

Ooh La La does just three things, and they do them well: cupcakes, mini-cupcakes and regular-sized cakes. With such a dedication to cakes of all sizes, there’s little mystery why they’ve become a favourite of local dessert lovers. One of their most popular varieties is their dark chocolate and pink Swiss meringue cherry buttercream, the very cupcake after which the business is named. While there’s almost no end to the kinds of cupcakes they make, there is a limit to how many get made each day. A word of advice: go early.

Pure Vanilla Bakery & Cafe

6-2590 Cadboro Bay Rd, Victoria, BC V8R 5J2

When it comes to hidden gems in Victoria, Pure Vanilla is one carefully guarded secret. The locals love it for the sweet treats, especially the cupcakes, and the delicious lunch fare. What exactly goes into the signature cupcake at this coffee shop and bakery, The Amelie, is a carefully guarded secret as well. What isn’t a secret, however, is how great they taste.

Origin Gluten-Free Bakery

1525 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 6P9

Until fairly recently, people with gluten-sensitivities may have felt their days of indulging in delicious baked goods were over. But that's no longer the case. At bakeries like Origin, everyone can get in on the fun. Overflowing with exclusively gluten-free baked goods, Origins is dedicated to making tasty treats that are safe and delicious for people with or without gluten sensitivities.

Crumsby's Cafe

2509 Estevan Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 2S6

Crumsby’s is founded on the idea that fresh, local ingredients make for the best food. Almost everything they use is island-sourced, making full use of the fresh flavours Vancouver Island has to offer. The bakery goes to great lengths to offer a wide variety of items suitable for special diets, including vegan chocolate ganache and no-gluten-added options. Feel free to stop by to pick up a sweet treat, but if you're after a specific item, it’s best to call ahead and place an order.

QV Cafe & Bakery

1701 Government St, Victoria, BC V8W 1Z4

More than simply a coffee shop or bakery, QV’s baked goods and delicious beverages let you enjoy a complete dessert experience without making multiple stops. Come for the cupcakes, naturally, but don’t miss out on the many other items they have available, including cheesecakes, tarts and more. They’re open late too, so you can satisfy your cravings well into the evening.

Township Coffee Co

106-4343 Tyndall Ave, Victoria, BC V8N 3R9

When it comes to vegan treats, there are few places more satisfying than Township Coffee. This little cafe specializes in vegan cupcakes that prove you don’t need butter and eggs to make great cake. Light, fluffy and full of flavour, the cupcakes at Township offer all of the taste of classic cake, with none of the animal products. Treat yourself to one with a cup of their delicious coffee. You deserve it!

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