Gastown sandwich shops: Coolest things since sliced bread

As one of the more bustling retail and start-up commercial areas in town, Gastown boasts its fair share of daytime workers, as well as just a few tourists come summer. For a quick lunchtime break, hit up any one of these cafes for an excellent sandwich and an ultra-hip vibe.

Save On Meats

43 Hastings St W, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G4

You could settle into this neo-retro-style diner for a classic lunchtime sandwich, like a Reuben, a clubhouse or a BLT — all of which come with great traditional sides like mashed potatoes, creamed corn and coleslaw — or you could hit up their street-side take-out window for one of the better pulled pork sandwiches in town. Smoky, savoury and dripping with sauce, this quick midday bite will leave you satisfied till dinner, especially if you pair it with a milkshake to go.


51 Hastings St W, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G4

The extensive sandwich menu at this East Hastings café and diner won’t leave you with any afternoon stomach grumbling, that’s for sure. Big platters come with a pickle and your choice of broccoli slaw or soup or, for a couple of extra dollars, mac and cheese. Their Montreal smoked meat is a winner with classic Dijon and a slice of Swiss on pumpernickel. They also offer an elevated grilled cheese with three cheeses and a cranberry-Grand Marnier sauce. Whichever way you go, finish it off with a strong coffee to avoid the post-lunch drowsies.

Finch's Tea House Ltd

353 Pender St W, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T3

A long-time favourite on the edge of Gastown, this quaint English-style tea house prides itself on the freshest of ingredients, starting with their perfect baguettes. These are filled with a variety of food combinations — prosciutto, egg, apple wood smoke cheddar, brie, pear, arugula — and served on charmingly chipped China or slung in brown waxed paper to go. Expect a line on weekdays, but while the time away taking in the cozy vibe and chatting with nearby fellow workers.

Bao Down

12 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E7

Tucked into a tiny little space on Cordova, just east of the five points, is a welcome addition to the Gastown take-out lunch scene. Like a permanent-fixture food truck, Bao Down turns out a limited selection of Chinese steam buns — or bao — stuffed with either chicken or pork or fish or veggies, all uniquely flavoured with an Asian-fusion hand and all very reasonably priced. They also make three “street sandwiches,” again with varying Asian influences, like Waygu beef with hoisin glaze or grilled cheese with kimchi-miso mayo. All delicious and easily a new Gastown go-to.

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