Get down to business at these Victoria lunch spots

The perfect business lunch needs to have three things: good food, good service and a quiet enough setting that you can talk shop. If you’re looking to woo clients over a memorable meal, try these local lunch spots. Each of them has a great menu and excellent service, so even if you don’t lock down a deal, everyone will still come away content.

Restaurant Mee Wah

A-1950 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 1C9

There’s generic Chinese food, and then there’s authentic Chinese food. Mee Wah is firmly in the latter category, with traditional tastes that can pleasantly surprise the uninitiated. There's plenty of room for both you and your client to have enough space to get down to business. But it’s the food that will stick with you, no matter how your meeting goes.

north FortyEight

1005 Langley St, Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

Sometimes the best meals are the most familiar foods, perfectly prepared. That’s the idea behind North 48. Specializing in comfort food from around the world, this restaurant is sure to have something for everyone, from time-honoured North American classics to favourites from Central Europe. Show your client you can be both dependable and innovative, just like this modern diner with its inventive twists.

Don Mee

538 Fisgard St, Victoria, BC V8W 1R4

Located in Victoria’s historic Chinatown, Don Mee is just a short walk from downtown, making it a perfect place for a quick lunch close to the office. Exclusively serving dim sum during lunch, the variety here is sure to offer something for everyone. The friendly staff are well-adapted to larger groups, so why not bring along your whole team?

Il Terrazzo Ristorante

555 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 1M2

When you walk into II Terrazzo, it's easy to understand why it’s one of Victoria’s favourite Italian restaurants. The classic stylings, complete with multiple brick fireplaces, will make you feel like you're on the coast of the Mediterranean instead of the Pacific Ocean. Combine that with an internationally acclaimed wine list and classic Italian fare and you've got a recipe to impress any client.

James Bay Tea Room and Restaurant

332 Menzies St, Victoria, BC V8V 2G9

Put your clients at ease in the welcoming environment of the James Bay Tea Room. With its cozy atmosphere and light English fare, this charming restaurant can calmly counteract your high-pressure business meetings. Out-of-town colleagues will feel more like they’re on vacation than business, and the quiet setting lets you chat about work without having to shout over loud music or other diners.

Jam Cafe

542 Herald St, Victoria, BC V8W 1S6

Sometimes the best business lunch isn’t a high-end schmooze, but a down-to-earth chat at a neighbourhood cafe. If that’s your approach, then Jam Cafe is a good bet. The menu consists of familiar favourites done in inspiring new ways, like their famous bacon-infused Caesar. And if your client is vegan or vegetarian, Jam Cafe has an extensive menu that’s sure to impress.

Catalano Restaurant & Cicchetti Bar

619 Courtney St, Victoria, BC V8W 1B7

With plenty of private booths and a world-renowned kitchen staff, Catalano seems to be designed with the business lunch in mind. Located in the Magnolia Hotel and Spa, this Mediterranean-inspired restaurant serves up soups, sandwiches, salads and more for lunch, daily. Seafood lovers can enjoy local clams and mussels, clam linguine or classic fish and chips.

Millo's Restaurant

1617 Fernwood Rd, Victoria, BC V8T 2Y2

At Millo’s, the love of food is a driving force. Talented cooks and a friendly staff proudly share the best of what Greece has to offer. From flaming saganaki to simple pita sandwiches, every dish is flavourful and guaranteed to please. Be sure to grab some baklava before you leave as well. It’s a sweet treat that’s a perfect way to seal your business deal and end your Greek dining experience.

Med Grill Royal Oak

4512 West Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 3G4

Business casual never tasted so good. A relaxed-but-refined environment welcomes guests and a menu of classic comfort foods keeps them coming back. Featuring everything from flatbread pizzas to seafood crepes, there’s plenty of choices to satisfy any appetite. Located in a designated Heritage Site, this historic spot has housed more than a few successful business lunches, why not add yours to the list?

Prima Strada Pizzeria

105-230 Cook St, Victoria, BC V8V 3X3

Classic Neapolitan pizza, hand-crafted with local ingredients and baked in a wood-fired oven, is hard to turn down. The good folks at Pizzeria Prima Strada have dedicated themselves to making a quality pizza in a friendly, neighbourhood restaurant. That means good service, amazing food and a welcoming atmosphere. Try the classic Margherita first, you won’t be disappointed. Most of the seating is family-style with long tables, though, so if you need something a little more private to talk shop, call ahead.

On a cold, snowy Edmonton night, nothing says lovin’ like a cup of hot chocolate. It’s no surprise this drink was originally dubbed the “elixir of the gods.” Regardless of the variety you select, or whether you opt for the simplest hot chocolate on the menu, all I can say is ... don’t forget the marshmallows.
You don’t have to travel to Paris to have a true fine-dining experience; you can enjoy an upscale dinner, complete with a five-course meal and fine wine, right here at home. Victoria is a fine-dining destination with an excellent reputation – where talented chefs enjoy crafting delicious gourmet dishes from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Paired with a nice cup of coffee or topped with a scoop of ice cream, pie is unbeatable comfort food. And yet it faces stiff competition from cupcakes as the city’s dessert of choice. Well, pie is fighting back with old fashioned deliciousness as well as new and tantalizing flavours.
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